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XPOSED International Queer Film Festival

XPOSED International Queer Film Festival

Thursday, 15 June 2023 until Sunday, 18 June 2023

Ten years of shaping, forming, breaking, discovering and finding ­ XPOSED is about QUEER FILM in all it’s forms, glory, shame, distaste, trash and beauty. Sometimes it’s all in one and sometimes it’s spread out like Blanche at the Rusty Anchor.

XPOSED was started as a passion project, a passion for Queer Film, for Berlin and the ever expanding possibilities of storytelling within the world of Queer Film ­ and the festival remains to this day a passion project. This festival is made by people who enjoy making festival, who enjoy queer films, filmmakers and queer Berlin, and this is reflected within the programming of the festival.

By not only screening some of the newest films around, XPOSED takes special care to always mix their programs with new and old films, be it in a short film program or a feature screening with a short. XPOSED enjoys creating programs and these programs can only be created by looking at the queer perspective from all corners of the world, perspectives that challenge normative views, propose an alternate way of thinking, and approach life and story telling from another way.

Created in 2006, the XPOSED International Queer Film Festival has built itself with the aim of creating entertaining, odd, left of centre Queer Film Programs that also in turn eXPOSE the Queer Filmmakers out into the international world of Queer Festivals and beyond. You can only be you when you are truly XPOSED. This festival, in the end, is about YOU.


2023 films...

Opening Night Shorts – Divergence

Slug Life

Dang wo wang xiang ni de shi hou (Will You Look At Me)


Os Animais Mais Fofos e Engraçados do Mundo (The Cutest and Funniest Animals in the World)

Ele Of The Dark

Wait Your Turn 


Hidden Letters

Shorts 2 – Timeless Journeys, Personal Archives

Memórias Reveladas (Memories Revealed)

Eram somnambul când am văzut toate acele culori (I Had Been Sleepwalking When I Saw All Those Colors)

Let My Body Speak


El jardín de los faunos (The Garden of Fauns) 


Shorts 3 – Contact

Nuit blonde (Blond Night)

Aonde Vão Os Pés (Walking Through)

Kiss of Life


Bigger on the Inside

How Not To Date While Trans 

Le Bleu du Caftan (The Blue Caftan)

First Time + It’s All About Geography

Shorts 4 – Lost and Found

Dovşan getmək qərarına gəlir (Bunny decides to go)

Tornar-se um Homem na Idade Média (Becoming Male in the Middle Ages)

comme tous les garçons

Amazon Woman

Memori Dia (Their Memory)

破碎太阳之心 PO SUI TAI YANG ZHI XIN (A Short Story)


Shorts 5 – How to get more followers


Survivor Manifesto – The Art of Making Kin

Sonic Reverbs

Dancing Bodies

I Can See The Sun but I Can’t Feel It Yet

All the Colours of the World Are Between Black and White

Shorts 6 – All the Aunties

Al-Atlal (The Ruins)

Garden Amidst the Flame

Mela Jaloos (Festival Procession)

Volana’s Eclipse


Ястреб размером с лощадь (A Hawk as Big as a Horse)

老ナルキソス (Old Narcissus)

Mo-eo (I Am More)

Nie Zi (Outcasts)

Closing Night Shorts – Home At Heart

A Letter To Myself – Valerie

Дуу хоолой (The Voice)

Too Rough

Very Important Trans Artwork

As If Nothing Happened

Les Filles Destinées (Daughters of Destiny)

Marte Um (Mars One)

Kokomo City + Behind Every Good Man

Damned If You Don’t + Gently Down the Stream