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Glasgow Film Festival

Glasgow Film Festival

Wednesday, 02 March 2022 until Sunday, 13 March 2022

"Every filmmaker should experience a Glaswegian audience!"

- Mark Montefiore

Established in 2005, GFF has soldified into one of the most important and audacious festivals in Europe...if not the world. LGBT-film-friendly is the GFF? Well, we are pleased to say...very!

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2021 films...

A Brixton Tale (N/C 15+)

A star-crossed romance confronting class, race and love in modern Britain.

American Badger (N/C 18+)

FrightFest present this gritty and turbo-driven hard action thriller

Apples (N/C 12+)

Any fan of Charlie Kaufman or Yorgos Lanthimos will love this haunting first feature from director Christos Nikou.

BIG vs SMALL (N/C 15+)

An energetic and inspirational documentary that profiles Joana Andrade, Portugal’s first female big wave surfer.

Back to the Wharf (N/C 12+)

The extraordinary events of one day reverberate down the years in Li Xiaofeng’s haunting noir-tinged drama.

Black Bear (N/C 15+)

Lawrence Michael Levine’s disturbing, darkly comic tale constantly surprises as it brutally blurs the boundaries between life and art.

Bridging the Gap - Turbulence (N/C 18+)

Four shorts from Scottish Documentary Institute’s emerging talent initiative Bridging the Gap

Castro's Spies (N/C 12+)

A documentary about an elite group of undercover agents that is as tense as any John le Carré novel.

City Hall (N/C 12+)

Fred Wiseman’s portrait of Boston’s city government is a love letter to civic responsibility and democratic values.

Cowboys (N/C 15+)

Anna Kerrigan’s award-winning debut shows a rare understanding of the complexities and challenges of modern family life.

Creation Stories (N/C 18+)

Creation Stories charts the rise of one young Glaswegian who went on to change the face of British culture whilst navigating a sea of obstacles.

Da Capo (N/C 12+)

For fans of Sing Street and School of Rock, Da Capo is a tale full of warmth and hope that music lovers of all kinds will connect with.

Dreams on Fire (N/C 15+)

Dreams on Fire is a vibrant and intoxicating look into Japanese dance and subculture communities.

Enemies of the State (N/C 15+)

An American family becomes entangled in secrets when their son is targeted by the government.

Eye of the Storm (N/C 8+)

Anthony Baxter filmed painter James Morrison over the last two years of his life as he struggled with failing eyesight and poor health.

Father (N/C 15+)

A father’s epic quest to regain custody of his children lies at the heart of this gripping, emotional drama.

Gagarine (N/C 12+)

A joyful celebration of community, love and shooting for the stars.

Gunda (N/C 12+)

​If Babe stole your heart and changed your eating habits then wait until you meet Gunda.

Handsome (N/C 12+)

A moving, sometimes uncomfortable documentary that takes an honest look at the brother’s relationship.

In the Shadows (N/C 15+)

​Erdem Tepegöz’s dystopian vision invites comparisons with the worlds of Andrei Tarkovsky and Terry Gilliam when a Miner contracts a mysterious diesease.

Iorram (Boat Song) (N/C 12+)

A lyrical portrait of Gaelic life in the Outer Hebrides.

Jumbo (N/C 15+)

A quirky charmer of a debut from Zoé Wittock, 'inspired' by a true story about love and understanding.

Killing Escobar (N/C 15+)

The untold story of the attempted assassination of Pablo Escobar.

Limbo (N/C 15+)

Ben Sharrock’s critically adored Limbo is a wry, funny and poignant cross-cultural satire.

Mekong 2030 (N/C 15+)

Five Southeast Asian filmmakers present their visions and fears for the future

Minari (N/C 15+)

Glasgow Film Festival 2021 will open with Lee Isaac Chung's Minari, starring Steven Yeun.

Murmur (N/C 12+)

Hailed as a ‘masterpiece of poignancy’ Heather Young’s quietly devastating debut offers an acutely observed portrait of a lonely life

My Favorite War (N/C 12+)

Ilze Burkovska Jacobsen grew up in Latvia during the Soviet rule of the 1970s and 1980s

My Wonderful Wanda (N/C 15+)

A privileged family find their comfortable lives forever changed by a stranger in their midst

Out of the World (N/C 18+)

The very private Leo has issues communicating with others due to past trauma and only lives for his music

Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché (N/C 12+)

Proclaimed by Billboard as ‘one of the least conventional front-persons in rock history’, Poly Styrene hit the headlines as founder of acclaimed punk band

Poppy Field (N/C 15+)

Inspired by true events, this is a taut, compelling tale of prejudice and the cost of living a lie.

Preparations to be Together for an Unknown Period of Time (N/C 15+)

A multi-layered rumination on love, fate and the blurry lines between desire, obsession and reality.

Redemption of a Rogue (N/C 15+)

The wonderful first feature from award-winning playwright Philip Doherty squeezes tar-black comedy and soulful reflections from an irresistible Groundhog Day-style premise

Riders of Justice (N/C 15+)

An inspired cocktail of uproarious black comedy and shocking violence

Rosa's Wedding (N/C 12+)

​The latest film from Icíar Bollaín is the feel-good comedy that we all need right now.

Run Hide Fight (N/C 18+)

It’s High School Die Hard as Zoe uses her survival skills to outsmart the killers.​

Shorta (N/C 15+)

An intelligent nailbiter of a film.

Spring Blossom (N/C 12+)

Suzanne Lindon’s remarkably assured directorial debut will close Glasgow Film Festival 2021

Spring Tide (N/C 12+)

In an explosive atmosphere of conflicting memories and competing values what will it take for one of them to declare a truce?​

Steelers (N/C 12+)

Who says you can’t be an ace rugby player and a fabulous drag queen?

Surge (N/C 18+)

​B​en Whishaw gives an award-winning performance as a man careering towards a breakdown in Surge.

Sweetheart (N/C 15+)

A sharply observed coming-of-age story that will make you wince and laugh in painful recognition of universal truths.

The Dissident (N/C 12+)

The latest documentary from Oscar-winning director Bryan Fogel (Icarus) explores the case of Jamal Khashoggi in forensic detail

The Last Ones (N/C 12+)

Selected as Estonia’s entry for the International Feature Film category of the Oscars, watch rivalries boil over into betrayal, violence and a fight for survival.

The Man Standing Next (N/C 15+)

​South Korea’s Oscar candidate uses the final days of President Park Chung-hee’s rule in 1979 as the basis of a tense conspiracy thrille

The Mauritanian (N/C 15+)

Justice seems an impossible dream in The Mauritanian, a powerful adaptation of Mohamedou Ould Slahi’s bestselling memoir

The Old Ways (N/C 18+)

Cristina, a journalist of Mexican origins, travels to the home of her ancestors in Veracruz to investigate a story involving sorcery, witchcraft and healers.

The Swordsman (N/C 15+)

A wonderful blend of epic fight scenes and heartfelt drama that is sure to have you hooked right up until its exhilarating climax.

The Toll (N/C 18+)

​This Welsh thriller mixes the dark comedy of the Coen Brothers with the antihero of Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns.

The Woman with Leopard Shoes (N/C 18+)

Alexis Bruchon’s impressively old school yet ultra-modern noir thriller that twists, turns and twists again.

There is No Evil (N/C 15+)

​Winner of the Berlin Golden Bear, Mohammad Rasoulof’s brilliant anthology powerfully confronts the realities of life under an autocratic regime.

Truman & Tennessee (N/C 15+)

This poignant documentary captures the relationship between two literary giants that journeyed from fond regard to bitchy disdain and back again.

Undergods (N/C 18+)

An anthology film that will take you on an ill-fated journey through a dystopian Europe.

Underplayed (N/C 8+)

An intimate and revealing look at the personal journeys of many talented and vibrant women making their mark within the electronic music scene.

Vicious Fun (N/C 18+)

With its terrific balance of horror and humour, Cody Calahan’s nostalgia-fest is both vicious and fun.

Victim(s) (N/C 12+)

A compelling account of teenage knife crime and a society keen to judge rather than understand.

Voice of Silence (N/C 15+)

A beautifully shot, bittersweet crime caper with an award-winning performance from Burning’s Yoo Ah-in.

Wildland (N/C 15+)

A dark, chilling crime drama that marks director Jeanette Nordahl as a talent to watch.

Yer Old Faither (N/C 12+)

An affectionate documentary about an extraordinary Glaswegian.