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Glasgow Film Festival

Glasgow Film Festival

"Every filmmaker should experience a Glaswegian audience!"

- Mark Montefiore

Established in 2005, GFF has soldified into one of the most important and audacious festivals in Europe...if not the world. LGBT-film-friendly is the GFF? Well, we are pleased to say...very!

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2022 films...

A Banquet (N/C 15+)

A Cloud So High (N/C 18+)

Adult Adoption (N/C 15+)

a-ha The Movie (12A)

Anaïs in Love (Les Amours d'Anaïs) (N/C 15+)

Angry Young Men (N/C 15+)

Ashgrove (N/C 15+)

Asteroid (Sayarak) (N/C 15+)

Baby Assassins (ベイビーわるきゅーれ) (N/C 18+)

Benedetta (N/C 15+)

Benediction (N/C 15+)

Bergman Island (N/C 15+)

Bird Atlas (Atlas Ptáků) (N/C 15+)

Blind Ambition (N/C 15+)

Blue Moon (Crai nou) (N/C 15+)

Bruno Reidal: Confession of a Murderer (N/C 15+)

Burning An Illusion (N/C 15+)

Cape Fear (15)

Carajita (N/C 15+)

Casablanca Beats (Haut et fort) (N/C 15+)

Catch the Fair One (N/C 18+)

Cléo from 5 to 7 (PG)

Days of Wine and Roses (PG)

Death is a Caress (Døden er et kjærtegn) (N/C 15+)

Dr. No (PG)

Dreaming Walls (N/C 15+)

Everything Went Fine (Tout c’est bien passé) (N/C 15+)

Farewell Amor (N/C 15+)

Fire (Both Sides of the Blade) (N/C 15+)

Fools in the Mountains (Fjols til fjells) (N/C 8+)

Freaks Out (N/C 18+)

Futura (N/C 8+)

Good Madam (N/C 18+)

Happening (L’evenement) (N/C 15+)

Heliopolis (N/C 15+)

Her Way (Une femme du monde) (N/C 15+)

Hive (Zgjoi) (N/C 15+)

Hold Your Fire (N/C 15+)

Homebound (N/C 18+)

Hommage (오마주) (N/C 15+)

In Conversation with Armando Iannucci (N/C 15+)

Inu-Oh (Inu-ô) (N/C 8+)

Julia (N/C 15+)

Karmalink (ជាតិក្រោយ) (N/C 15+)

La Civil (N/C 18+)

Lawrence of Arabia (PG)

Legacy of an Invisible Bullet (N/C 15+)

Let the Wrong One In (N/C 18+)

Lost Illusions (Illusions Perdues) (N/C 15+)

Love, Life and Goldfish (すくってごらん) (N/C 15+)

Madeleine Collins (N/C 15+)

Maixabel (N/C 15+)

Mandrake (N/C 18+)

McCurry: The Pursuit of Colour (N/C 15+)

Mighty Flash (Destello Bravío) (N/C 15+)

Monstrous (N/C 18+)

Moon, 66 Questions (N/C 15+)

Movie Memories: Dr. No (PG)

Murina (N/C 18+)

My Old School (N/C 15+)

Nitram (N/C 15+)

No Looking Back (Оторви и Выбрось) (N/C 18+)

Nobody Has to Know (N/C 15+)

Not Going Quietly (N/C 15+)

Olga (N/C 15+)

Once Upon a Time in Uganda (N/C 15+)

One Second (Yi miao zhong) (N/C 15+)

One Take Grace (N/C 15+)

Outlander: Preview Screening (N/C 18+)

Pictures From Iraq (N/C 15+)

Prayers for the Stolen (N/C 15+)

Rebel Dread (N/C 15+)

Rebellion (N/C 15+)

Red Rocket (N/C 18+)

Ride the Wave (N/C 8+)

Sambizanga (N/C 15+)

Skint (N/C 15+)

Some Like it Rare (Barbaque) (N/C 18+)

Superior (N/C 18+)

Sweet Sixteen (18)

Take 2: Aladdin (U)

Take 2: Spy Kids (U)

The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic (N/C 15+)

The Braves (Entre les vagues) (N/C 15+)

The Cellar (N/C 18+)

The Disappearance of a Young Wife (Ung frue forsvunnet) (N/C 15+)

The Execution (Казнь) (N/C 18+)

The Girl and the Spider (Das Mädchen und die Spinne) (N/C 15+)

The Gravedigger's Wife (Guled & Nasra) (N/C 15+)

The Hermit of Treig (N/C 8+)

The Ledge (N/C 18+)

The Outfit (N/C 18+)

The Quiet Girl (N/C 15+)

The Surprise Film (N/C 18+)

The Wayward Girl (Ung flukt) (N/C 15+)

The Worst Person in the World (Verdens verste menneske) (N/C 15+)

Three Floors (Tre Piani) (N/C 15+)

Tigers (N/C 15+)

Time of Impatience (Sabirsizlik Zamani) (N/C 15+)

True Things (N/C 18+)

Vortex (N/C 15+)

Wake Up Punk (N/C 15+)

Where is Anne Frank? (N/C 8+)

Wild Men (Vildmænd) (N/C 15+)

Women Do Cry (N/C 15+)

Wyrmwood: Apocalypse (N/C 18+)

You Are Not My Mother (N/C 18+)

Yuni (N/C 15+)

Zalava (N/C 15+)