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CinemaQ Film Festival

CinemaQ Film Festival

Thursday, 08 August 2024 until Sunday, 11 August 2024

CinemaQ presents the best of the best in film that covers every aspect of the LGBTQ community and introduces new visionaries, pays tribute to iconic staples, tells stories from around the world and connects us all with a common message of identity and understanding.


2024 films...

¡Beso de lengua!

15 minutes | Mexico | 2024

Sitting inside a coffee shop, Itzcóatl and Moisés are having their first date. Both boys are nervous, they ask each other multiple questions to break the ice. As the date goes on, they discover their compatibility, their similar humor and a vast knowledge on LGBTQIA+ lingo. After multiple desserts are eaten, they “play” an unusual and riveting game created by them. Full of passion and saliva, this game strengthens their romantic chemistry.

All Shall Be Well

93 minutes | Hong Kong, China | 2024

Angie and Pat have been together for over four decades but after Pat's unexpected death, Angie finds herself at the mercy of Pat's family as she struggles to retain her dignity and the home that both had shared for over thirty years.

Any Other Way: The Jackie Shane Story

99 minutes | Canada | 2024

Jackie Shane was one of music's pioneering Black trans performers. On the edge of stardom, why did she disappear? Any Other Way: The Jackie Shane Story hands the mic over revealing her extraordinary journey, in her own unmistakable voice.

The Callers

18 minutes | United States, United Kingdom | 2024

A love letter to queer possibility, The Callers moves through time and around the UK to tell the intimate stories of people who have called Switchboard LGBT, England’s oldest LGBTQ+ phone helpline for over 50 years, seeking guidance on everything from where to find the nearest leather bar to how to come out, impress a new lover or mend a broken heart.

Carnage for Christmas

70 minutes | Australia | 2024

A fast-paced, blood-soaked whodunit, which follows a true crime podcaster - returning to her small hometown years after transitioning - who has to solve a series of gruesome murders, which the local police seem to be ignoring.

Desire Lines

81 minutes | United States | 2024

An Iranian-American transman, Ahmad, searching for his place in history, finds more than just a link to the past in the archives. Drawing from first-person accounts, as well as fictionalized segments, filmmaker Jules Rosskam explores the lines of desire as they intersect with identity for many transmen.


11 minutes | United Kingdom, United States, Ireland | 2024

When Gillian takes on her girlfriend’s identity to confront their father, she finds a connection she didn't expect in the strange exchange she has with him. A short about healing by proxy, and stepping into new identities.


76 minutes | United States | 2024

A young gay man returns home after rehab and uncovers the secrets of his town's abandoned psychiatric center.

A House Is Not a Disco

90 minutes | United States | 2024

A surprisingly intimate and humorous doc that peers with empathy and curiosity into one of the world's only "homo-normative" communities, the island "paradise" of Fire Island Pines. Told through home video, archival footage, and eccentric character portraits of the vibrant present, A HOUSE IS NOT A DISCO finds a Fire Island in transition; confronting diversity, inclusivity, gentrification and the frightening and growing peril of coastal communities worldwide...climate change and rising seas. Directed by veteran queer actor Brian J. Smith (SENSE8, MATRIX REVOLUTIONS) in an enchanting documentary debut.

I'm Your Venus

80 minutes | United States | 2024

A moving and timely documentary following the unsolved murder of Venus Xtravaganza, star of the legendary film Paris Is Burning, as Venus' two families - biological and ballroom - come together to seek answers and celebrate her legacy.

If I'm Here It Is by Mystery

22 minutes | Brazil | 2024

New Rio, 2054. The renowned witch Dahlia arrives at the port with a mission: to establish the most powerful Clan that has ever existed and, thus, defeat the Order of Truth. In the future, many people are trans – but only a few are witches.


13 minutes | United States | 2024

ILY, BYE follows Siobhan, a quirky, socially anxious mess who can't seem to keep a job. Thanks to the help of her best friend Gary, she scores an interview with his boss, Mr. Litchfield. When her call to schedule the interview goes to voicemail, Siobhan panics and leaves a series of unhinged messages. Not wanting to lose the interview, she embarks on a chaotic mission to delete the voicemails herself…

The Judgment

111 minutes | Egypt, United States | 2023

An Egyptian gay couple return from the U.S. to Egypt for a family emergency and have to force themselves back into the closet and pretend to be just friends. When they fall prey to witchcraft as punishment for their “homosexual sins,” one of them falls into religious terror and exposes his unhealed past.

My Old Ass

88 minutes | United States | 2024

A mushroom trip brings free-spirited Elliott face-to-face with her 39-year-old self. But when Elliott's "old ass" delivers warnings to her younger self, Elliott realizes she has to rethink everything about her family, life, and love.

Rent Free

93 minutes | United States | 2024

After hitting emotional and financial rock bottom, best friends Ben and Jordan come up with a scheme to spend an entire year living "rent free" with the help of friends, family and strangers alike in a rapidly changing Austin.

The Robbers

16 minutes | Austria | 2023

Three trans women meet in a country house to plan a robbery. The trick of the heist is that, in order to create a false trail, they disguise themselves as men. While they share everyday life as a well-established team and lovers, they practice speaking in a deep voice, walking manly and behaving in a masculine manner. In this process, they reach their emotional and physical limits and repeatedly fail to imitate male connoted behavior.

S/He Is Still Her/e - The Official Genesis P-Orridge Documentary

99 minutes | United States | 2024

Genesis P-Orridge lived her art and died three times for it. Persecuted by Queen Elizabeth, a disciple of Burroughs, Leary, Nepalese monks and African witch doctors; Gen influenced and revolutionized music, art and gender—all without most of the world even knowing. At least not the full-story.

Seat 31: Zooey Zephyr

15 minutes | United States | 2024

After Zooey Zephyr was expelled from the Montana House of Representatives for defending transgender medical care, she made a nearby bench her “office.” Director Kimberly Reed’s intimate camera transforms this explosive political moment into a moving portrait of trans and queer joy.

So You Wanna Vogue Huh?!

28 minutes | Belgium | 2024

SYWVH?! is an educative Ballroom documentary. An antidote to the misinformation that comes with the re-explosion of ballroom into the public consciousness. A venom against the appropriation of the culture. Outspokenly black and femme, SYWVH centers the creators of the scene, namely the black trans femmes. Even though in a scripted environment, the film depicts the organic relationships and conversations that the ballroom holds. With a juggernaut ballroom cast, Legendary Pioneering Mother Lasseindra Ninja, Mother Naimah ex Milan, Princess Gaby Vineyard and Dutch Prince Perry Ninja.

Stan Behavior

15 minutes | United States | 2024

Following a series of demeaning audience interactions at her weekly gig, local drag queen Goldie Hon (Ginger Minj) commiserates with peers Cutie Pie (Heidi N Closet) and Belle Bottom (Marta BeatChu), determining that it’s time for them to unionize. Seeking legal counsel to move forward, Goldie meets with a lawyer (Yvonne Zima) discovered via an online legal forum, introduced to her as “Acquittal Queen”. Goldie’s situation turns dicey when Acquittal Queen is revealed to be an unhinged drag stan, and kidnaps Goldie to have her own in-home queen. Goldie’s road to gaining respect as an entertainment professional has just gotten a bit more complicated.

Teaches of Peaches

102 minutes | Germany | 2024

Seamlessly weaving together exclusive archival gems with dynamic tour footage, this documentary captures the transformative journey of Canadian Merrill Nisker into the internationally acclaimed cultural powerhouse that is Peaches.


26 minutes | France | 2023

When Bastien dies, his group of friends decide to get hold of his sex toy collection before his mother finds out. This is a story of friendship, love and farewell.

You can't get what you want but you can get me

13 minutes | 2024

A series of photos and screenshots tell the story of how Samira Elagoz and Z Walsch, two transmasculine artists, fall madly in love with each other. We witness their first meeting, the start of a long-distance relationship, the meeting of the families, Z’s top surgery – all milestones are recorded in a uniquely intimate and moving way. A portrait of queer/trans love that we don’t get to see often enough.

Young Hearts

97 minutes | Belgium | 2024

14-year-old Elias develops feelings for his new neighbor Alexander. He soon realizes he's falling in love for the first time.