May Events...

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  • AltFest New York
  • Ambulante Film Festival
  • Beirut Love Film Festival
  • Belgrade International Film Festival
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  • Cairns Queer Film Festival
  • Centro Niemeyer LGBTIQ Festival de Cine
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  • Divine Queer Film Festival
  • DOXA Documentary Film Festival
  • Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival
  • Fajr International Film Festival
  • Freiburger Lesbenfilmtage
  • Glance Short Film Festival With Pride
  • Harvey Milk Festival Sarasota
  • Human Rights Watch Film Festival
  • Independent Film Festival of Boston
  • Inside Out Toronto
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  • London Lesbian Film Festival
  • MELT: Festival of Queer Arts and Culture
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival
  • Molodist: Kyiv International Film Festival
  • Muestra de Cine Lésbico de Madrid
  • One World
  • ORLANDO: identity, relationships, opportunities
  • Out & Loud: Pune International Queer Film Festival
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  • Queer East
  • RiverRun International Film Festival
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  • TranScreen Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival
  • Vox Feminae Festival
Queer East

Queer East

Queer East Film Festival brings East and Southeast Asian LGBTQ+ cinema to London with a fortnight of screenings and events from 18 April to 2 May, echoing the city’s diverse voices.

From classic films to recent releases, venues across the city will be showcasing with storytellers, activists, academics, and those who dare to challenge social norms, history, and the law in Asia.

LGBTQ+ rights have seen significant improvement across the world, but progress in Asia has been mixed. Landmark laws for same-sex marriages in Taiwan are a stark contrast to the stereotyping, discrimination and social oppression that still exists across the continent. Queer East is an opportunity to reflect on the progress as well as the obstacles that millions still face. We want everyone in the UK to be part of the discussion and celebrate diverse identities, cultures, and heritages of Asian and Asian diasporic communities who’ve often been excluded from mainstream discourse.

Queer East offers a rare chance to celebrate the rarely seen queer stories on screen and explore gender, sexuality and what it means to be Asian and queer today through a programme that highlights the 50-year making of queer cinema in Asia.


2020 films...

A Dog Barking at the Moon

Winner of the Teddy Jury Award at the 2019 Berlinale, Zi Xiang’s debut feature is a sensitive study of a man’s homosexuality from the perspective of his daughter and wife. Upon returning to China with her French husband to visit her family, pregnant writer Xiaoyu Huang (Gaowa Siqin) is immediat...

A Woman’s Wife


Eungyeong faces heartache and confusion when her husband Seonghun decides to live as a woman. Screening in conjunction with A Dog Barking at the Moon.


Focus Taiwan, Short

This animation presents a journey of sexuality, evoking the fantasies of freedom offered by gender fluidity, and developments in contemporary queer culture. With support from the Ministry of Culture (Taiwan). Screening in conjunction with Looking For?.


Focus Taiwan, Short

This experimental short features a caterpillar crawling on a wall, a naked man seemingly masturbating, poetic captions and stills of crucifixion-like poses. Considered lost for 52 years, Alienation was found and restored in 2019. With support from Taiwan Film Institute and Taiwan Docs.

Beer! Beer!


Tao, a Chinese guy, meets Sebastian, a local German, in this anti-romantic comedy, set in the early morning following a wild party in Berlin. Screening in conjunction with Looking For?.

Between the Seasons (UK Premiere)

Brent 2020, Feature, UK Premiere

The reserved Hae-Soo (Young-Zin Rie) starts a new life, moving from Seoul to a new city and taking ownership of a small café. A high-school student, Ye-Jin (Hye-Ri Yoon), becomes a regular customer and eventually starts working there on a part-time basis. Fate pushes the two women together, and a...

Blue Gate Crossing (35 mm)

Feature, Focus Taiwan

A favourite with audiences and a milestone in Taiwanese LGBTQ+ cinema, this coming-of-age drama explores the odd-couple relationship that develops between high school students Meng (Lun-Mei Gwei) and Zhang (Bo-Lin Chen). The carefree Zhang is preoccupied with winning a swimming championship when Me...

Catch the Light

Brent 2020, Short

A teenage girl who is visually impaired finds it difficult to start a relationship, but things change when she falls in love with her friend. With support from Lotus Visual Productions. Screening in conjunction with Between the Seasons.

Funeral Parade of Roses


Toshio Matsumoto’s shattering, kaleidoscopic masterpiece is one of the most subversive and intoxicating films of the late 1960s. Loosely adapted from Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex and set in Tokyo’s dazzling underground gay scene, the film follows Eddie (played by the androgynous actor Peter), a tra...

Girlfriend Boyfriend – GF*BF

Brent 2020, Feature, Focus Taiwan

Set in the 1980s when Taiwan was still under martial law, GF*BF charts the experiences of three friends growing up in turbulent times. At the film’s centre is a tender love triangle: Aaron (Rhydian Vaughan) is attracted to Mabel (Lun-Mei Gwei), who has feelings for Liam (Joseph Chang), who is sec...

Langit Budak Biru


Two teenage boys in a Malaysian boarding school grapple with the challenges of bullying, as they come to terms with their mutual attraction. Screening in conjunction with The Teacher.



Lilting is a drama about the relationship that develops between a man’s partner and mother after his untimely death. When Kai (Andrew Leung) dies, his long-term partner Richard (Ben Whishaw) reaches out to his mother Junn (Cheng Pei-Pei), whom he never met while Kai was alive. With Richard speaki...

Looking For? (UK Premiere) + Director Q&A

Documentary, Focus Taiwan, UK Premiere

This documentary explores questions of digital and virtual intimacy in contemporary gay communities. ‘Looking for?’ is one of the most commonly asked questions on gay dating apps, but it’s not one that’s easy to answer, at least for the director, Yen. Seeking to discover the different answe...

Lupah Sug

Brent 2020, Documentary, Short

This documentary narrates the first-hand accounts of a group of LGBTQ+ people in a Muslim-majority region of the southern Philippines, as they struggle for a safe space and acceptance. Screening in conjunction with The Shepherds.

Malila: The Farewell Flower

Brent 2020, Feature

Pich (Anuchyd Sapanphong) has cancer and finds peace in making Bai Sri, a Thai floral ornament used in traditional rituals. By chance, he reunites with his former lover Shane (Sukollawat Kanarot). Together they must try to heal the wounds of their past, and Shane, who has plans to become a monk, mu...

Memories of My Body (UK Premiere)

Feature, UK Premiere

An Indonesian dancer explores his identity when he joins a traditional Lengger dance company in Garin Nugroho’s stunning drama. Juno, a sensitive boy living in a Javanese village, is abandoned by his father, but finds solidarity in a traditional Lengger dance troupe. The nature of the dance in...

Military Dog

Focus Taiwan, Short

New to BDSM, young military officer Lee Jun-Zhong must complete a risky task in order to prove his loyalty to his master. But can he overcome his doubts and fear to face his inner desires? Screening in conjunction with Queer Japan.

Queer Japan


Trailblazing artists, activists, and everyday people from across the spectrum of gender and sexuality defy social norms and dare to shine in this kaleidoscopic view of LGBTQ+ culture in contemporary Japan. Dazzling, iconoclastic drag queen Vivienne Sato peels back the layers of language and identit...

Sisterhood (UK Premiere) + Director Q&A

Feature, UK Premiere

A woman returns to Macau and looks back at the intense relationship she had with a massage parlour colleague in Tracy Choi’s haunting melodrama. Macau-raised orphan Sei returns to her birthplace after 15 years in Taiwan, still guilt-ridden after the abrupt break-up of her relationship with her...

Song Lang


Film noir merges with romance in this visually gorgeous Vietnamese drama about the relationship between a gangster and a young, gay opera singer. A charismatic singer specialising in Cai Luong, a modern form of traditional Vietnamese folk opera, falls hard for a brutish debt collector who forcef...

Spider Lilies + Director Q&A

Feature, Focus Taiwan

Spider Lilies explores the ambiguous relationship between two women: Jade, an 18-year-old webcam model, and Takeko, a tattoo artist. When Jade visits Takeko's studio, she is entranced by the image of the spider lily on Takeko’s arm. She soon discovers that they shared an intense and troubling exp...

The Last Letter

Brent 2020, Short

Mohan, a 60-something married man, lives with a secret that leaves him conflicted and creates tension in his family life. Deciding to face his past, he writes letters to an unnamed recipient. With support from Lotus Visual Productions. Screening in conjunction with Malila: The Farewell Flower...

The Shepherds (UK Premiere)

Brent 2020, Documentary, Focus Taiwan, UK Premiere

This documentary charts the struggles of LGBTQ+ Christians in Taiwan, and the challenges they face in making their voices heard. In 1996, a heterosexual female pastor founded the first Taiwanese church to affirm LGBTQ+ people, finally providing them with a safe haven. Today, while the founder has p...

The Teacher (UK Premiere)

Feature, Focus Taiwan, UK Premiere

When gay Civics teacher Kevin openly voices his stance on marriage equality at school, he stirs up a storm and his boss warns him not to mention the subject again. But the tension between Kevin’s professional role and personal life becomes much more damaging when he begins a passionate relationsh...

The Wedding Banquet

Feature, Focus Taiwan

Director Ang Lee’s second feature film is a romantic comedy about Wai-Tung Gao (Winston Chao), a Taiwanese immigrant to the USA who lives happily with his partner Simon (Mitchell Lichtenstein) in Manhattan. Despite having achieved success as a real estate investor, Wai-Tung faces pressure from hi...


Brent 2020, Feature

This pioneering transgender drama from Hong Kong tells the story of 51-year-old Tung Tai-hung (Philip Keung), who seems to be living an ideal life, with both a successful business and a doting wife, Anne (Kara Wai). But after being notified of a school friend’s sudden death and reuniting with an ...

Turning 18

Documentary, Focus Taiwan

The documentary follows the experiences of Chen and Pei, two indigenous Taiwanese teenage girls, who meet at a vocational training programme. They both come from eastern Taiwan and their family circumstances are difficult. Chen takes care of her siblings and her unstable alcoholic mother, and const...