September Events...

  • !f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival
  • A Night of Horror
  • Calgary International Film Festival
  • Cinema Diverse!
  • D'un bord à l'autre
  • Dinard Festival of British Cinema
  • Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • Edmonton International Film Festival
  • Encounters
  • Fantastic Fest
  • Febiofest
  • Florence Queer Festival
  • Fragments Festival
  • Gaze LGBT Film Festival
  • Giornate di Cinema Queer
  • Great Lakes International Film Festival
  • Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival
  • Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
  • Houston Qfest
  • InShort Film Festival
  • Kashish: Mumbai International Queer Film Festival
  • Kaunas International Film Festival
  • London Spanish Film Festival
  • Long Beach Q Film Festival
  • Lust*streifen Film Festival Basel
  • Mix Mexico
  • Nashville Film Festival
  • Netherlands Film Festival
  • New York Film Festival
  • Niagara Falls International Film Festival
  • OUT at the Movies
  • Out on Film
  • Painting the Spectrum LGBTQ+ Film Festival
  • Pink Life/Pembe Hayat QueerFest
  • Polish Film Festival
  • Premio Sebastiane
  • QFlix Philadelphia
  • Queer East
  • Queer Lisboa
  • Queer Screen Film Fest
  • QueerFest
  • QueerX
  • Reeling Filmfest
  • Reykjavik International Film Festival
  • San Sebastián International Film Festival
  • Some Prefer Cake
  • Soura Film Fest
  • Trans Stellar Film Festival
  • Urbanworld Film Festival
  • Vancouver International Film Festival
  • Vues d'en Face - Grenoble
  • Zurich Film Festival
Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Saturday, 11 September 2021 until Saturday, 25 September 2021

The Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival is the longest running LGBT film festival in Asia. We are a registered non-profit society seeking to promote equal opportunities and eliminate discrimination against sexual minority groups in Hong Kong through cinematic works of art. We program films with a wide range of LGBT topics from Hong Kong and across the world.

Last year, the festival was delayed due to the pandemic but we hope things will improve this year because HKLGFF is celebrating its 32nd year in 2021! If all goes well, we are planning to hold the festival at our normal festival dates in the cinemas in September.

To encourage you to send in your short films, we have lowered the entry fees and set-up lower fees for students!

Best Short Film Jury Award
Best Short Film Audience Award


2021 films... 

Made on The Rooftop

As We Like It

Midnight Swan


Asian Focus

A Distant Place

Hello Stranger: The Movie


Matcha & Vanilla

Papa and Daddy

Where Your Eyes Linger 



Bliss (Glück)

Boy Meets Boy


Jump, Darling

Language Lessons

My First Summer

Poppy Field

Rebel Dykes

Swan Song



Director in Focus

Drifting Flowers

Spider Lilies

Splendid Float

Wrath of Desire


International Boys Shorts: Sex Games

Les Attendants

Director: Truong-minh QUY
France / 2020 / 15 mins / Drama
In French with English subtitles

On a slag heap once trodden by coal miners, men now wait for each other.


Director: Sven Spur
Belgium / 2020 / 16 mins / Drama
No Dialogue

A restless man roams around the gay hotspots of a metropolis in search of comfort, connection and himself.

U Up?

Director: Viktória Szemerédy
Hungary / 2020 / 9 mins / Drama
In English

Ben is home alone when his online dating buddy, Nico, sends him a short but very telling message. However, his fear of rejection blurs his judgement.


Director: Yen-chu Chen
Taiwan / 2021 / 16 mins / Drama
In Mandarin with English subtitles

An apartment. Two Nights. A strange romance between a lonely security guard and a senior player. 

Virgin My Ass

Director: Adar Sigler
Israel / 2020 / 16mins / Comedy
In Hebrew with English subtitles

Ophir asks Harel for a small favour that might make him feel like a normal gay guy. OK, maybe not that small a favour.

As the Crow Files

Director: Michael Søndergaard
Denmark / 2021 / 18 mins / Drama
In Danish with English subtitles

The closeted small-town delinquent Mathias is shaken by the arrival of a charismatic Swedish ornithologist who is passing through to study the local birdlife.


Director: José Antonio Valera
Spain / 2021 / 10 mins / Comedy
In Spanish with English subtitles

Adri suggests a game to Jon.

International Queer Shorts: Body Matters

God’s Daughter Dances

Director: Byun Sungbin
South Korea / 2020 / 25 mins / Drama
In Korean with English subtitles

A transgender female dancer, Shin-mi, gets a call from the Military Manpower Administration to attend the Military Service Examination. Shin-mi, with everything ready, takes her first steps towards the Military Manpower Administration.

Hair (Hår)

Director: Isabella Karlström, Malin LQ, Tove Lidman, Adam Bejstam
Sweden / 2021 / 15 mins / Documentary
In Swedish with English subtitles

“HÅR” invites you to a collective reflection on identity and hair routines. We get the chance to hang out with members in our queer community in Stockholm, exploring the question: how much does your hair reflect your identity?

Red Aninsri; Or, Tiptoeing on the Still Trembling Berlin Wall 

Director: Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke
Thailand / 2020 / 30 mins / Drama
In Thai with English subtitles

This queer espionage film was made in the tradition of Cold-War-era Thai dubbed films. A ladyboy prostitute is given a mission to disguise themselves as a cis-masculine gay to spy on a student activist.

The Familiar

Director: Julian Quentin
Germany / 2021 / 11 mins / Sci-fi
No Dialogue

An alien crashes on an inhospitable planet and tries to contact their home planet. While searching, The alien experiences a world in which they are simultaneously trapped and repelled. When they meet  someone who returns their gaze, they create a sanctuary for themselves.

Before the Eruption (Antes de la erupción) 

Director: Roberto Pérez Toledo
Spain / 2020 / 9 mins / Drama 
In Spanish with English subtitles

Volcanoes can erupt without any prior warning, or there may be signs if you know what to look for. A group of friends decides to rekindle their friendship by going on holiday together, just like when they were younger. 

International Girl Shorts: Better Together


Director: Athina Gendry
France / 2021 / 18 mins / Drama
In French with English subtitles 

Suzanne is a successful lawyer from Lyon. Sceptical of dating apps, she finally decides to go on her first date with Lucille. The two women meet in a bar and get to know each other over a few beers.

Cocoon Love

Director: Xiaowen Wang
USA / 2021 / 15 mins / Drama
In Mandarin with English subtitles 

A teenager is sent back to stay with her grandparents in her home village. As she begins a budding friendship with a classmate, she is forced to confront her past and imagine a very different future.

U Loves You

Director: Hung-i Chen
Taiwan / 2021 / 22 mins / Sci-fi
In Mandarin with English subtitles

U is a robot who is falling for Lin Min, but can their love succeed when robots are forbidden from falling in love with humans?

Aimee Victoria

Director: Chrystee Pharris
USA / 2021 / 11 mins / Drama
In English and American Sign Language with English subtitles

The love between two deaf women of colour is tested when they are kept apart on their anniversary due to Covid. 


Director: Molly Gillis
France / 2020 / 19 mins / Drama
In French and English with English subtitles

A lonely American faces unrequited love on a farm commune in the south of France.

Asian Boy Shorts: Forbidden


Director: Kuo Hsuan Chi
Taiwan / 2021 / 30 mins / Drama
In Mandarin with English subtitles 

13-year old Xiao-Wei explores his sexuality via dating apps. He keeps this secret from his best friend Pin-Rui, only to discover that Pin-Rui is carrying a secret of his own. 


Director: Arun Fulara
India / 2020 / 10 mins / Comedy 
In Hindi with English subtitles

When the middle-aged Kamble makes his weekly visit to the neighbourhood barber shop, it’s not just for a shave. He can’t wait to be touched by Jaan, the new barber’s boy he has a crush on.

Forgiveness Day

Director: Derek Ho
Singapore / 2020 / 15 mins /  Documentary
In English, Mandarin, Hakka with English subtitles

A personal story about brotherly love and betrayal. Two brothers, Derek & Jeremiah, reunite. But they have taken radically different paths in coming to terms with their sexual identities as gay men.


Director: Yi-ru Chen
China / 2020 / 18 mins / Drama
In Mandarin, Chinese Sign Language with English subtitles

Seeking his deaf mother’s approval, a Shanghainese hard of hearing boy tries to overcome his identity crisis with his devotion to contemporary dance and sign language.

Journey to the Shore

Director: UHM Ha-neul
South Korea / 2020 / 29 mins / Drama
In Korean with English subtitles

High school boyfriends Minha and Sangbeom, go on a journey to the shore to celebrate their 100th day anniversary but they are each hiding a secret from the other.