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OUTSOUTH Queer Film Festival

OUTSOUTH Queer Film Festival

Formerly known as: North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Thursday, 11 August 2022 until Thursday, 18 August 2022

OUTSOUTH Queer Film Festival, formerly The North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (NCGLFF), has consistently been ranked among the largest Queer film festivals in the United States, attracting thousands of patrons yearly.

Since its beginning in 1995, the Festival has featured a diverse array of shorts, documentaries and feature films. The Durham Convention and Visitors Bureau named OUTSOUTH as a Signature Event for Durham, the highest honor bestowed on a cultural event or attraction by the organization. The Carolina Theatre of Durham, NC, curates and produces the festival.

OutSouth celebrates a worldwide glimpse of today’s Queer life by bringing community together and showcasing entertaining and sophisticated films and filmmaking. The festival features a diverse array of juried new shorts, documentaries, and feature films. Produced and curated by the historic Carolina Theatre of Durham, in beautiful Downtown Durham, the festival was honored in 2021 as one of “20 Fantastic LGBTQ+ Film Festivals Around the Globe” by Moviemaker Magazine.

OUTSOUTH Queer Film Festival seeks submissions in many categories. Please extensively review the categories BEFORE submitting your film. We are especially seeking submissions that include Black, Asian & Pacific Islander or Latinx characters and themes. We include animated short films.


Best Narrative Feature Film
Best Foreign Language Narrative Feature Film
Best Narrative Short Film
Best Foreign Language Narrative Short Film
Best Long-Form Narrative Short Film
Best Animated Short Film
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Documentary Feature Film

Note: If OUTSOUTH Queer Film Festival deems there are not enough worthy entries in any given category, the festival reserves the right to not present an award for that category.


2022 films... 

All Kinds of Love

All Man: The International Male Story

Boulevard! A Hollywood Story

Boy Culture: The Series

Death and Bowling

For the Love of Friends

Gemmel & Tim 

Girl Picture

In from the Side

Like Me


Love is a Map


Maybe Someday

My Name is Andrea

Pat Rocco Dared

Two Eyes

You Can Live Forever 

SHORTS: About That Kiss

The Cracks / Magdalena Gajewska
Teresa is suffering from postnatal depression after the birth of her son. To find comfort elsewhere she temporarily moves back with her husband to her parents’ house. However, this decision doesn’t seem to have much effect on Teresa’s state of mind. She now must make a choice: either she tries to heal the cracks in her marriage, or she sets out to rekindle a love from her youth, leaving her sorrowful existence behind her.  

Leave / Sioly Amundarain
Here is a romantic drama that seeks to arouse emotions such as nostalgia and misunderstanding. Laura and Federica were once much more than friends. Now, Laura struggles to return to Federica and with everything that once made her happy, while Federica struggles to shed the past and continue her path.  

My Mother’s Girlfriend / Arun Fulara
Renuka and Sadiya, two working-class women in love with each other, enjoy their day out celebrating Renuka’s birthday. After a fun-filled day, they head home to spend the night together. But unknown to them, Renuka’s son is around.  This is the story of what happens when these two relationships collide. 

Second Parent / Penny PJ Chen
Parenting for Julia and Kat is overcoming “mommy challenges.” When their daughter, Becca, asks for the one thing Kat has difficulty giving, will doing it to please Becca supersede all the anxiety she feels? 

Tribe / Pascale Neuschafer
When the global COVID-19 pandemic breaks out and South Africa goes into hard lockdown, some of the worst affected members of society are migrants and refugees, who are ineligible for government assistance.  Nyasha, a lesbian migrant from Zimbabwe, creates an intricate network of aid for her fellow LGBTQIA+ migrant community: a group of people she has come to call her new family. 

SHORTS: Changing Movement into Light

17 Minutes with Nora / Imanol Ruiz de Lara
Nora is worried because she’s performing in a play at her school but being bullied by her classmates makes her face something much more important: being accepted by her dad. The following 17 minutes will change their relationship forever. 

101 Butterflies / Norvin Luceño De los Santos
Today is the day Lola Perla confronts her long-standing personal covenant: to bail an ex-lover’s son out of jail. Meeting fiftysomething Nanding transforms into a reunion, and then, a communion of her present self, with an old love. 

Muhafiz (The Protector) / Pradipta Ray
During the 2002 Godhra riots in India, a 30-year-old Hindu finds a twenty-something bearded Muslim boy, hiding in the bushes. Their dialogue leads to both men understanding each other’s plight a little better. Both conclude that the gay/trans community is no better off than the Muslim community – hunted and invisible. 

Now, Daphne / Johann G. Louis
Daphne drives through desert landscapes. It’s nighttime. She meets people who seem to know her without being able to give her a name. Who is Daphne? Could it be a ghost who came to walk in the footsteps of her past?  

Soraya’s Secret / Talissa Lopes
At the funeral of her best friend, Tania a transgender woman, receives a visit from the mother of the deceased, who refuses to bury her as a woman. 

SHORTS: Holding Out for a Hero

Boom and Bloom / Stefan Langthaler
In the Austrian Alps, father and son set out on a hike to finally climb to the top of their emotional world. 

Concrete and Steel / Oriol Villar
Victor and Nacho are lifetime friends and mafiosos. They’ve been tortured and chained to a cement block. While Nacho struggles desperately to break free, Victor tries to figure out why their boss has betrayed them. They reflect on their lives and their past, but then Nacho makes a confession that will change their lives forever. 

Draw Now / Kun Sun
A teenage boy traverses the difficult terrain of puberty and sexuality. He is consistently conflicted inside and keeps his anxiety and issues bottled up inside. With no support system in place, he finds hope in the most unique circumstances. 

Masculine_32 / Nabil Chabaan
Two men that have never met arrange to meet house for a sex date. The lack of connection between them generates an increasingly awkward situation. 

Second Souffle / Nina Parent
At 16, Gabriel takes over the camera of his deceased older brother and films his daily life with his little sister who is growing up, his mother who is sinking into madness, and a boy from his neighborhood. An unexpected encounter will lead Gabriel to film a first love.  

SHORTS: Documentary: Open Your Mind

Alchemy / Bridget Fitzgerald
Here is the story of glassblower and social entrepreneur, Rebeccah Byer, as she navigates her grief at the loss of her brother, Ben Byer, from ALS, to create a glass studio for youth. We witness this transformative power through one of Rebeccah’s apprentices, Lucy McGinnis, who struggles growing up trans in North Carolina. 

Dawn: A Charleston Legend / Ron Davis
Dawn Langley Simmons was one of the first transgender and interracial marriage pioneers. Dawn’s story was one in which mystery and legend swirled. She was the author of more than 20 books. She was the adopted daughter of famed actress, Dame Margaret Rutherford and designated heir to the fortune of painter Isabel Whitney. She lived in a grand mansion filled with antiques and a hidden garden, but ultimately lost it all to become who she was inside: a woman, wife and mother. 

Loredana’s Fight Against Transphobia / Giulia Ottaviano
Loredana Rossi has been fighting for her whole life. First for her identity, today as a social worker and “mom” of the Neapolitan femminielli. At 60, she has no intention of slowing down.  For 21 years she has suffered prostitution on the sidewalks of Naples, a city that for centuries has been home to one of the most numerous transgender communities in the world, yet still strongly discriminated against. Loredana, along with her transgender rights group Associazione Trans Napoli, fights for the femminielli rights and she raises her voice when these are trampled. Loredana doesn’t allow anyone to silence her even when it comes to politics: Italy must obtain a law against homobitransphobia. 

Rooted Out / Julie Casper Roth
When two men are denied a marriage license in their hometown, the town attempts to erase the incident from public record. Over the course of a year, the couple’s supporters fight for justice and an accurate narrative of events. 

SHORTS - Personal Business

4 Fruit Bites / Dave Quantic
An introduction to four unique queer, trans, and genderqueer voices as featured in the Fruitbowl Podcast. 

Body Language / Odu Adadu
Here is a candid conversation about body image and body experience for Black gay, queer, and same gender loving men. Men share their personal journeys through childhood, coming into the gay community, and acceptance and rejection based on body type. This film speaks directly to Black g/q/SGL men but the ideas around body perfection, and what influences our perspectives, are universal. 

Chaac + Yum / Robert Fatal and XAV S-F
Inspired by the sacred and ancient relationship between Chaac (the Mayan deity of Rain) and Yum (the Mayan deity of corn), this short erotic drama tells a story about two queer, Mayan-descended Two Spirits who meet at a queer San Francisco bar. Upon touching and dancing with one another they realize their connection is ancient.  

Coin Slot / Scott Jones
A young man tries not to unravel as the anniversary of a traumatic attack looms ever closer. Moments are shown in fragments, revealing an honesty and vulnerability that transports, while capturing the many shades of trauma and healing. Scott Jones, the director and star, attended NCGLFF back in 2018 when a documentary concerning the gay-bashing that left him in a wheelchair had its U.S. premiere.

Cosboi / Gosha Shapiro
A genderqueer teen explores cosplay, trans self-discovery in the TikTok age, and the strange, circuitous ways with which we all try to understand and define ourselves. 

Ezra / Joshua Hernandez
A chronically ill dancer finds tranquility in nature while on a camping trip with their boyfriend. 

Starfuckers / Antonio Marziale
An intimate evening between a film director and an escort is disrupted when a familiar face arrives. 

Still We Thrive / Campbell X
Archive footage of Black history from the Caribbean, United Kingdom, United States, and the African continent is interwoven with Black actors speaking directly to a camera. Included are poems “The Negro Dreams of Rivers” by Langston Hughes and “Yemoja: Mother of Waters” by Olive Senior. 

SHORTS: Funny Bones

Escape: A Ghost Story / Robin Careless
A group of escape room employees must face their fears and overcome a series of murderous puzzles set by a malicious ghost who has haunted the building or face the dire consequences. 

Flex / Matt Porter
Charles explores the gray areas of his own sexuality after going through an unexpected breakup. 

Fudliaks! Tear the Sexes Apart! / Jasmin Hagendorfer
This hyper-intersectional film is an amalgam of sci-fi creature-flick, campy music video, grotesque comedy, against hetero-centric research as well as (soft-)pornographic subversive statement. Set in a mysterious laboratory, the research subject of this neo-conservative think tank: the scientific underpinnings of conventional heteronormative bodies and biologically binary genders. But a new research series turns all that on its head! 

Half / Jacob Roberts
Half-Jewish, bisexual Jonah Dorman comes out to his girlfriend, shaking the foundation of their relationship and launching a tragicomic exploration of love and religion in New York City. 

Johnny the Dime / Joseph Blake Menzel
A brash and arrogant man catches a peeping-tom spying on his sister. He vows to take revenge and discovers something very special about himself along the way. 

She’s the Protagonist / Sarah Carlot Jaber
Being the mother, the secretary, the lover, the nanny, the baby bottle, the side piece of the main male character is no longer enough for our dear Protagonist! Put on “mute” after the allocated time for female characters in a film is reached, she runs away with her friend, “Voice-Over,” for a new journey with plenty of humor. 

SHORTS: The Men with the Midas Touch

All The Awards I Never Gave You / Caio Scot
In the bathroom at an awards ceremony, an unexpected encounter between two young actors brings up unresolved feelings and a love story that may not have come to an end yet. 

Breathe / Harm van der Sanden/
A visual short coming of age story of a young boy discovering his sexuality. 

Firsts / Jesse Ung
On the eve of Chinese New Year, a closeted Chinese international student living in New Zealand, oppressed by the expectations of his parents, plans to lose his virginity to a stranger that he meets online. 

Hear My Voice / Daniele Guerra
Mike moved to London hoping to find love and the dream part that would launch his opera career. One night, during yet another hook-up, he sees the apparition of his grandmother, a glamorous, eccentric woman with whom Mike used to travel the world. Her visits push Mike to come to terms with himself and allow him to make an unexpected connection. 

Kiss Me / David Barba
A mischievous teen explores an empty beach house unaware of the video cameras watching his every move. 

The Night Train / Jerry Carlsson
Oskar is on the night train, heading home after an interview in Stockholm. With a long night ahead of him, he makes eye contact with Ahmad. For the first time he meets the gaze of someone who feels the same desire as he does. 

Tomorrow Then / David Moragas
Marc and Jordi reunite after a few days apart. They’ve been in an open relationship for a while, but for the very first time and in the span of only twelve hours they find themselves in a new, unexplored emotional territory. 

SHORTS: More Colors than a Rodeo Flag

Blind Angels: Durham, North Carolina / Umbreen Butt
In Durham, North Carolina, a vibrant and diverse queer chosen family has formed around José Romero, a charismatic organizer who is living with HIV. Together, in a place with unique and daunting challenges, José and their friends are modeling grassroots change, working together to create a community of love, activism, and mutual support.  

Chhoti Shameez / Shruti Vohra
This short film tells the story of 6 women whose lives change in a little non-descript bra shop tucked away in the gullies of a crowded Chandni Chowk. 

The Funnel Charlene A. Carruthers
Trina lives on the South Side of Chicago with her mother amidst an escalating housing crisis. After falling into an intimate recollection of her family’s history, she awakens in a world with people, sounds, and possibilities she’s never known. An encounter with a familiar spirit opens Trina’s eyes and heart to a new gift. 

Mariam / Reem Jubran
Zaid, a young Arab American amateur drag queen, must confront his conservative father and Alzheimer’s grandfather about his identity. 

My Abortion Saved My Life Ruby Fludzinski and Tiler Wilson
Cazembe Murphy Jackson, a Black trans activist living in Atlanta, Georgia, shares why his access to abortion was vital to his life. After developing severe depression following a sexual assault, and quickly learning he was pregnant, Cazembe’s abortion saved him from suicide.  

Right Here / Claudia Bailey
After coming out as non-binary to their parents, Grace materializes at their future selves’ birthday party and realizes everything they want to be is inside of them. 

Sequin / Averi Israel
While waiting for the bus, a spirited young girl—to the disapproval of her grandma—befriends a familiar-seeming stranger after bonding over a small gift. 

To All That We Are / Kristian Cahatol
A dreamlike love story exploring the budding relationship between two queer twenty-somethings. 

SHORTS: Every Day’s A New Day

Admit One / Emma Aikman
Here is the story of Piper, a romantic caught falling for the girl behind the snack counter at her favorite movie theater. To ask out her “love at first sight,” Piper must battle her way through a Western shoot-out and an alien invasion in the lobby of the theater!  

Keep/Delete / Kryzz Gautier
In a future world where memories are handled like computer files, two lovers decide to undergo a procedure and have their entire relationship wiped from their brains. 

Lovie Dovie / Francesca Brescia
Marine life enthusiast Dovie St. James must come to terms with her sexuality when she is unexpectedly charmed by the new girl in her class. 

Piece of Cake / Sophie Feher/
Porcelain bride cake toppers Val and Mara journey across the bakery and away from their assigned grooms to be with one another. 

Rough River Lake / Mary Tilden
A group of queer best friends arrive at the lake for the perfect getaway. Their Gaycation gets interrupted when the group discovers the lake house has been double booked by a bachelor party. 

The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night / Fawzia Mirza
All cards are on the table when a queer Pakistani Muslim woman brings her Puerto Rican partner home for the first time on the family’s annual game night. 

Spin / Fawzia Mirza
When the curtain descends on their final performance of Romeo and Juliet in drama club, high school seniors Abigail and Sky bid a fair adieu to the stage they loved while letting their deepest desires for one another surface at the cast party. 

Your Hand in Mine / Sheryl Au
A couple in Asia struggles to openly love each other. 

SHORTS: It’s Always Something

Abby and Emily Go to Palm Springs / Hellin Kay
Abby is an artist; Emily is an army officer; they come from opposite worlds yet have fallen hard and fast for each other and must navigate their completely different love languages on the way to what could be forever or the end of the road. In the tradition of John Cassavetes, Wong Kar-Wai, and Jane Campion, this short film takes a brief glimpse into the lives of two people in love trying to understand each other. 

Aimee Victoria / Chrystee Pharris
Aimee Victoria is about two profoundly deaf women of color whose relationship is tested during a period of unprecedented turmoil. Separated on their anniversary, Aimee is shaken out of her self-imposed apathy as she demonstrates her love to Victoria. 

Blunt / Hisonni Mustafa Johnson
An interracial lesbian couple attempts to ease the racial tension between them and their parents using the power of straight talk and a little bit of Cannabis. 

Noor & Layla / Fawzia Mirza
Noor and Layla are breaking up. Is it the end of the road for these two Muslim women? The film opens at Fajr, the dawn prayer, at the end of their relationship and follows a reverse chronology to the evening prayer, Isha, the moment they first meet. 

Parvis / Laurence Gagné-Frégeau
A look within Laurie’s journey, throughout a night out with friends, to embrace her identity. 

Show Pony / Meghan Lennox
Kate, a painter who hasn’t created new work in years, finds inspiration when she happens upon an adult ballet class and quickly becomes infatuated with her teacher, Laura. As their lives intertwine, Kate is shocked to discover a side of Laura she struggles to accept.  

SHORTS: Jokers

Brutal / Sam McConnell/
Jack Roth (Cheyenne Jackson), once the hottest star of cable news, stumbles upon a “newsworthy sex scandal” and ends up facing off against all sides, including the corporation he works for. Also starring Rachael Harris (“Lucifer”), Angelica Ross (“Pose”), Matthew Morrison (“Glee”), Johnny Sibilly (“Queer as Folk”), and Drew Droege (“Search Party”). 

Cocktail Hour / Jason Laurits/
David and Andrew decide to both give sperm samples for an equal chance at being the biological father to their future child. While David seems to be a bottomless well of supply, Andrew runs dry. Escaping the sterile fertility clinic to a nearby motel, Andrew vows to try again, but as the pressure mounts, Andrew starts to unravel at the thought of being a dad.  

Halloween Special / Josh Dollison
A killer stalks a couple on their way to a Halloween party in this pop culture packed tribute to the horror genre. 

Send Pic? / James Cooper
Julie, a divorced mother, snoops into her son’s phone, discovering a shocking detail in his life. Jeremy lies to his mother to avoid further explanation, but it turns into an awkward revelation. They just want to be happy in their lives. Why are they pretending to be somebody they aren’t? 

Two-Headed Calves / Benjamin Kramme
“Two-Headed Calves” is Johannes’ and Marie’s wedding video. For Johannes the marriage is supposed to mark the start of a new life, and in the end it does, just differently than expected. 

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know / Neal Suresh Mulani
On his 25th birthday, Cary invites his friends to his house and requests one gift: for them to list everything they hate about him. A reckoning ensues. 

SHORTS: Let Me Do The Talking

Bind / J.R. Aiello
A transgender teen must balance between a mother who doesn’t agree with his choices and a father who agrees but won’t stand up for him. 

Flames / Deondray Gossfield and Quincy LeNear Gossfield
Two childhood friends: Ahmad, a streetwise, college-bound scholar on the precipice of a new, bright future, and Sadik, a rehabilitated hooligan grappling with his identity, find themselves alone together before Ahmad’s graduation party in the woods.  

Frozen Out / Hao Zhou
An émigré retreats to frozen prairies and forests, hoping to find a meaningful story and escape the anxieties of dislocation.  

Inertia / Mat Johns
Rabia and Maddie, a pupil and teacher, form a friendship under the unlikeliest of circumstances. 

Jim’s Tips / Piper Peña Hadley
Transgender teen Flora struggles to cope with her father’s death and the series of How-To videos he’s left behind. 

The Man of My Dreams / Tristan Scott-Behrends
Two magnetic lovers traipse around the city streets in a dreamy romance. 

Mother(s) & Son / Kiersten Houser
A filmmaker captures her wife’s journey of high-risk pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood in this short documentary. Consequently, she discovers her own fear and insecurity surrounding the adventures of parenthood — all while completing the adoption process for her non-biological son, as required by heteronormative North Carolina state law. 

Push / Jasmine Quinones
“Push,” is a story of self-discovery, found in the simple joys of skateboarding. This film explores ideas of identity and quickly becomes an anthem for the inner strength that can be found in finding a community. 

Rose Skirt / Angel I-Han Teng
Inspired by a true event of teenage boys wearing skirts to school, Rose Skirt is a queer coming-of-age short that depicts the ambiguity of growing gender consciousness in teens. 

SHORTS: Show Us What You’ve Drawn, Charlie Brown

Are You Still Watching? / Tali Polichtuk and Kitty Chrystal
Jamie is a 20 something year old non-binary person living in Melbourne. Forced into near-isolation during Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown, Jamie keeps themselves entertained bingeing on queer film and TV. What begins as mere escapism turns sensual when they start having sexual delusions involving their favorite queer characters.  

The Crown with the Shadow / JB Ghuman, Jr.
A mixed-media animated film based on the real-world gender morphing Pink Skunk Fish, a species that changes sexes from Male to Female. A male fish Prince (Paul Reubens)—destined to be Queen—learns from his mother (Geri Halliwell) how bodies are simply shells and that courage is the mark of a true queen.  

Embrace / Latesha Merkel
Here is an animated short film about asexuality. The story also emphasizes the self-love and joy that can come from recognition of one’s asexuality and the asexual community, and how it’s possible to embrace the orientation by viewing it in a different light. 

Franceska / Alberto Cano
The cold night hangs over Frankenstein’s castle. Victor—the scientist willing to challenge science—sets out to carry out his most ambitious plan: bring his admired Franceska back to life. With the collaboration of Igor, his invaluable and loving assistant, Victor will face the greatest challenge of his career! 

In Nature / Marcel Barelli
In nature, a couple is a male and a female. Well, not always! A couple is also a female and a female. Or a male and a male. You may not know it, but homosexuality isn’t just a human story. 

Lada, Ivan’s Sister Olesya Shchukina
Here is an animation based on the real story of Lada, a transgender woman from Russia. She tells her and her brother Ivan’s secret. 

Macaroni Soup / Alayna Y
A young woman falls in love with a waitress in a greasy-yet-nostalgic Hong Kong-style cafe, but a language gap divides the two—or is there something more? 

Pistachio Isabella Spadone
When Petra spends an evening with her best friend Sanna, Sanna asks how she knew she was bisexual. Petra tries in earnest to show her the truth. 

Shall We Talk? / Katya Mikheeva
Polina is a bisexual Russian girl. This short film documents her coming out to a family. 

Together/Apart / David Amberg
Two years after a gay bashing, Michael and Alex are still feeling the aftershocks in their relationship. Things continue to get complicated as Michael’s dissociations start becoming reality. 

SHORTS: Set Your Aura Free

How Not to Date While Trans / Nyala Moon
Here is a break-the-fourth-wall, dark comedy that follows the dating life of a Black trans woman and the problematic men she meets along the way. Andie searches for romance and self-love but ends with heartbreak. 

Hey Man / Kai Tillman
While navigating between steamy Grindr hookups and their rideshare passengers, Eli reluctantly alters their queer transmasculine identity to pass in a straight cisgender world for their physical and emotional safety. 

Ni Aquí Ni Allá / Ley Comas
As the middle child of Christian pastors, Ley Comas never imagined that transitioning was possible. Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Ley witnessed trans people portrayed as evil characters, punchlines in movies and TV shows, or outcasts and victims. This documentary follows Ley´s physical and psychological journey to become themself, while struggling to find a middle ground with their family. 

Valentine / Beck Kitsis and Chris McNabb
With gender and identity in flux, Corey and Mia struggle to redefine their relationship. 

What Being a Woman Means To Me / Ezra Brain
This film seeks to capture what discovering your transgender identity feels like from the inside, including the horror, anxiety, and eventual freedom. 

SHORTS: Six-Packs

CANCR / Brittany Alsot
Tomas’ world has gotten small since his cancer diagnosis. Now in remission, he meets Dustin on Cancr, the dating app for people with cancer. Their summer romance may be brief, but the care and understanding that passes between them opens something beautiful for both young men. 

Clover / Jonathan D'Rozario
Jon has something important he needs to say to Sam. He just isn’t quite sure what that is yet. As he reminisces, daydreams, and contemplates the possibilities, Jon will have to find the truth of how he feels, and the words to say it. 

Coming Out with the Help of a Time Machine / Naman Gupta
When coming out to his traditional and God-fearing parents, Sid uses his time machine to reset the day trying to make sure everything goes perfect. 

Pillow Talk / James Elinski
With a new dating device that simulates physical touch, Jerome uses it to make a genuine connection when he stumbles upon an awkward artist who lives on the other side of the world. An unlikely bond builds between them as they both express their passions for cooking and painting.  

Proud / Mya Morton and Bandeja Munir
Chris, a ten-year-old boy, has always been at the wing of his father.  He’s been encouraged to be as manly as possible and knows that it makes his father happy. But at times he feels distant from him because he feels that he is missing a part of himself. 

Stephen & James: Best Girlfriends / David Quantic
This short, comprised of post-Stonewall archival NYC gay scene photos, is a love letter to a New York City in the not-too-distant past where the thrill of gay sex was always just around the corner or on a pier or in a back room or even Hoboken, New Jersey. 

Trade / Blair Baker
Sometimes you must swipe right on yourself. A short film that explores internalized homophobia and masc4masc culture on gay hookup apps. 

Used Furniture / Conor Forrest
On an idyllic afternoon at the beach Philly faces his unrequited love for his roommate Jamie while trying to distance himself from their trio friendship. 

SHORTS: Your Journey’s About To Begin

Elsa / Albert Carbó
Elsa is a 6-year-old child who wants to live happily and freely. She knows that she is different from most, but despite her young age she is clear: she knows that she is a girl and that she is the queen of her life.  

Fairyoicious / Fabien Ara
Alma freezes when her 8-year-old son wants to dress up like a fairy to go to school. She asks for help from her neighbors. Soon the whole building is debating Simon’s choice for gender orientation. 

Feel / Gavo Figueira
A “normal” woman, trapped in sexual and emotional dissatisfaction, struggles to figure out what being a woman is about. Everything takes place within the shadow of a painful past, love, social paradigms, and a drastic decision that has no way back. 

Identibye / Sajjad Shahhatami
The protagonist of the story faces a dilemma of choosing between sense and sensibility regarding one’s innermost feelings. Filled with doubt, he must work against the clock to achieve his goal as he knows that one’s identity is what matters most. 

Rendez-Vous / Roshanak Ajamian
A young couple named Navid and Baran have problems in their marital relationship after migrating to Canada. Now Baran decides to share his main problem with Navid. 

Sapphire / Leanne Hanley
Caught between two worlds, Ethan must confront their inner demons. With the help of therapist, Ethan attempts to transition from crippling obsession to a freedom that can only be found by becoming Sapphire.