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  • aGLIFF: Prism Film Festival
  • Antwerp Queer Arts Festival
  • Birmingham SHOUT Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • California Independent Film Festival
  • Canberra International Film Festival
  • ClexaCon Film Festival
  • East Village Queer Film Festival
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aGLIFF: Prism Film Festival

aGLIFF: Prism Film Festival

Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival

Wednesday, 24 August 2022 until Monday, 29 August 2022

There is no more important place for your LGBTQIA+ film to screen in the Southwest. aGLIFF is the longest-running queer film festival in the US Southwest and the Fourth oldest in America. We are also the oldest film festival in Austin (older than AFF and SXSW).

PRISM, our 35th annual marquee LGBTQIA+ film festival will be held in-person August 24 - 29, 2022. All films submitted through FilmFreeway and selected will be eligible for cash prizes, $500 for shorts and $1000 for features, as awarded by the jury.

aGLIFF is a nominating partner for the Iris Prize, the annual £30,000 prize allowing the winner to make their next film, the largest prize for an LGBTQIA+ film in the world.

The All Genders, Lifestyles and Identities Film Festival (aGLIFF) cultivates the Texas LGBTQIA+ community by enlightening, educating, and entertaining our clients and patrons through programs that enrich the LGBTQIA+ and ally communities while developing LGBTQIA+ awareness. aGLIFF Nonprofit Organization Programs include the Queer Youth Media Project, Community Partnership Program, and the Queer Black Voices Fund, all of which culminate in or around the annual Prism Film Festival Program. In 2021, aGLIFF was awarded Non-profit Organization of the year by the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Juried Awards:

Programmed works may be eligible for the following jury awards: Best Narrative Feature, Best Documentary Feature, Best Documentary Short, Best Narrative Short, and other competitions as selections warrant. Films selected to be in juried competition must be Texas premieres, and will be eligible for cash prizes, $500 for shorts, and $1000 for features, as awarded by the jury.

aGLIFF is a nominating partner for the Iris Prize, the annual £30,000 prize allowing the winner to make their next film, the largest prize for an LGBTQIA+ film in the world. The Artistic Director will make this nomination personally.

Audience Awards:

All feature-length films selected are eligible for the "Humdinger" Audience Award, named for aGLIFF's founder Scott Dinger.

Queer Black Voices Fund:

Eligible films will be considered for Queer Black Voices Fund, created in response to the recent events surrounding the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Javier Ambler, among other incidents between police officers and African Americans. This year aGLIFF will award grants to cover costs associated with submitting and showing qualified films as part of Prism and our year-round programming, as well as rewarding the QBV filmmakers a cash prize. "They serve as a call to action to a larger audience,” says Queer Black Voices Fund Chair and aGLIFF Board Member Jeremy Teel. “QBVF is purposeful in being an example of how equitable representation in the arts can lead to reparations and justice in society. I hope people join us to support our awardees and Black Voices that are muted by prejudice."

The fund also will be used to cover travel expenses to bring filmmakers to Austin. Each selected film will also receive $500 cash. The entire entry fee goes back into supporting the fund.


2022 films... 

'Til Morning

15 minutes | United States | 2022

Julia, a Brazilian student in her last semester of college in New York City is left with very few alternatives to financially provide for herself and finish school and must choose between surrendering to her conservative family and surrendering herself to a stranger.


10 minutes | United States | 2022

Fiona Devers, a facilities-manager-but-wanna-be-puppet-performance-artist, answer's her girlfriend's proposal with her one of her own: polyamory. The first two episodes of the series.


15 minutes | Iran, Islamic Republic of | 2022

The nine year-old, Shahrokh, humiliated for being effeminate and pushed away by his family, makes up his mind to embrace his new identity with the help of a progressive teacher.

Admit One

14 minutes | United States | 2021

Piper, a romantic caught falling for the girl behind the popcorn counter, searches (and tries out) movie cliches for the right way to ask her crush out.

The Affairs of Lidia

95 minutes | Canada | 2022

Lidia, a fashion model, discovers her boxer husband Michelangelo is having an affair with Sandro, a fashion photographer, who himself is cheating on his designer lover Fiero, oh and also Marte, and maybe also Xenia, if she lets him.

All Man: The International Male Story

83 minutes | United States | 2022

Gene Burkard, a once-closeted Midwesterner and GI, transformed men’s fashion into something cosmopolitan, carefree, and trend-setting when he invented the jock sock, and then created a catalog to sell it.

All Our Fears

90 minutes | Poland | 2021

When his queer teenage friend takes her own life, driven mostly by the homophobia in the community, Daniel hopes to organize a Catholic ritual known as the Stations of the Cross to bring peace to her soul but the locals refuse.

All the Awards I Never Gave You

17 minutes | Brazil | 2022

An unexpected encounter between two young actors on the rise, in the bathroom of an award venue, brings up unresolved feelings.

As Simple As That

19 minutes | Brazil | 2021

Suspicious that her son is gay, Joana shares her doubts with her husband. To her surprise, she the last to know.

Bar Stories from Queer Maine

16 minutes | United States | 2021

Gay bars serve as important venues for community, organizing, sex, and safety. Their tenous existence reveals the threat to queer culture of our disappearing social spaces.

Bigger Is Better

31 minutes | Taiwan | 2021

Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China have all embraced 'Bear Identity' in their own unique way as this American subculture finds new life and jmeaning across the Pacific Ocean.

Black As U R

84 minutes | United States | 2022

On May 25, 2020 George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis police officer, who suffocated Floyd as bystanders pleaded with him to relent. Protests immediately erupted and Minneapolis now had the world’s attention, yet in the same week, in the same city, a young black trans teenager named Iyanna Dior was brutally attacked following an altercation in a convenience store parking lot.

Blessed Boys (La Santa Piccola)

97 minutes | Italy | 2021

Mario and Lino spend their bright, sweaty days in Naples partying and chasing girls. When the two friends have a threeway with a woman at a club, Mario realizes it may be Lino he is most interested in chasing.

Body Language

10 minutes | United States | 2022

A candid conversation about body image and body experience for Black gay, queer, and same gender loving men, Body Language captures Men sharing their personal journeys from childhood, coming into the gay community, and acceptance and rejection based on body type.


70 minutes | Poland | 2022

Boylesque is a portrait of a young soul hidden in a mature body. Andrzej aka Lulla La Polaca is the oldest Polish drag queen.


5 minutes | Netherlands | 2022

An image-poem of a young boy discovering his sexuality.


13 minutes | United States | 2022

Jack Roth (Cheyenne Jackson) -- once the hottest star of cable news -- stumbles upon a "newsworthy sex scandal" and ends up facing off against all sides, including the corporation he works for.

Camila Comes Out Tonight

100 minutes | Argentina | 2022

When her grandmother becomes seriously ill, Camila leaves behind her liberal public high school for a conservative, suffocating private institution. With her single mother unable to reach her Camilla finds love is the sassy popular girl looking to play at revolution with the bad kids.

Chemistry Eases the Pain

41 minutes | United States | 2020

Straight-curious Frankie struggles with her attraction to a straight white guy. Internalized bi-phobia runs deep, and soon Frankie must confront her ambivalence about her desires and fears of being rejected by her community.

Concerned Citizen

82 minutes | Israel | 2022

Ben and Raz relish their new flat, part of the new population quickly gentrifying the once-migrant-filled neighborhood. However, a conflict with a 'local' over a newly planted tree in the city brings deep-seated prejudices to light.


15 minutes | Mexico | 2021

A man visits his lover's grave to feel his presence one last time, but today is the day of the dead, and his lover wants to feel his presence too.


78 minutes | Spain | 2021

Marcos, a rather awful director, finds his new queer giallo horror film cursed by a series of deaths that match his script.

A Dice with Five Sides

100 minutes | Italy, Spain | 2022

Two strangers meet in an apartment for a hookup. Too afraid to follow their hearts, Marcello and Herman decide to play a game, using an ancient dice made of stone.


1 minutes | Philippines | 2022

A teenage boy discovers he can use his face massager for...not his face.

Dotting the i

11 minutes | United States | 2022

In the shadows of an empty office, the poetry of an unlikely kiss helps two men discover a love lost and a love never found.

The Emptiness and I

98 minutes | Spain | 2022

After moving from France to Spain, trans hipster Raphi finds her fantasies about royal romances replaced by actual experieces.

Erica's First Holy Shit

75 minutes | United States | 2022

Austin's queer fitness queen, Erica Nix, leads a cast of Austin queerlebrities in a fantasia of goopy-nonsense and heaven-sent scatalogical logic.

Esther Newton Made Me Gay

92 minutes | United States | 2022

At a time when anthropology was limited to studying “far away cultures”, Esther’s foundational book, Mother Camp, was a bold and intimate study of the underground world of 1960’s midwest drag bars.


15 minutes | Australia | 2021

In order to fulfil his New Year’s resolution, a lonely teenager downloads Grindr and attempts to lose his virginity in the final hours of the year.


15 minutes | United States | 2021

Returning home for Chinese New Year, Natalie finds festivities that were once inviting but now seem tinged with a foreign animosity. Now trapped between the burgeoning attraction she feels for her childhood friend Joanne and the unnerving attention placed upon them by both their families, coded pleasantries from Joanne's mother carry an unspoken ultimatum.


13 minutes | United States | 2021

Two childhood friends: a streetwise, college-bound scholar on the precipice of a new, bright future, and a rehabilitated hooligan grappling with his identity, find themselves alone in the woods before a graduation party.


8 minutes | United States | 2021

When Rowan tries to find her missing ex-girlfriend, a mysterious UFO interrupts her calls.

Fragrance of the First Flower

103 minutes | Taiwan | 2021

When Yi-Ming meets Ting-Ting again, it reignites something in her, a possibility to escape her dull married life. Now that Taiwan has legalized same-sex marriage, can Yi-Ming find the courage to admit her feelings?

Freely We Serve

12 minutes | United States | 2021

Two disgraced angels, Soriel and Micah, come up with a plan to overthrow The Almighty and take his place. Micah starts to realize, however, that the new heaven they’re trying to create is identical to the old one...just with them at the top.

From X to Z

11 minutes | United States | 2021

A cranky Gen X butch is forced to spend time with a disaffected Zennial who represents everything that bugs her about "kids today."

The Funnel

17 minutes | United States | 2022

Trina lives on the South Side of Chicago with her mother amidst an escalating housing crisis. After falling into an intimate recollection of her family's history, she awakes in a world with people, sounds, and possibilities she's never known.

Happy Together

96 minutes | China | 1997

Lai Yiu-fai (Tony Leung Chiu-wai) and Ho Po-wing (Leslie Cheung) relocate to Argentina and end up stuck: without money, without a way home to Hong Kong, and with each other.


12 minutes | United States | 2021

The Hook Down

8 minutes | United States | 2022

High-strung Jack summons his artsy best friend Cameron to help him deal with a little problem – the dead body of a Grindr hook up. Episode Two of the series.

How Not to Date While Trans

14 minutes | United States | 2022

Breaking the fourth wall, our black trans heroine speaks the T about her dating life and the problematic men that migrate through it.

How Pat Rocco Shot Nudes on the Freeway

United States

Pioneering activist and filmmaker Pat Rocco produced short-form gay erotica in the 1960s that was widely embraced by the gay community and received positive reviews from the mainstream press, including Variety, Los Angeles Times and Playboy magazine.

How to Tell a Secret

101 minutes | Ireland | 2022

How To Tell A Secret brandishes the documentry form and art to try to dismantle the stigma of being HIV positive that still persists in society.

I am Leo

18 minutes | Germany | 2021

Wide meadows, romping in the woods and building cabins, Leo spends the autumn holidays with big sister Noémie and cousin Emil on Grandma Marlies' farm. However, that time that happens in every girl's youth forces Leo in an identity crisis.

I'll Show You Mine

102 minutes | United States | 2022

Priya, an established author known for writing about her own traumas, interviews her nephew Nic, who has built his career as a gender non-conforming model and out, proud and loud pansexual.

I'm Not Chris Hemsworth

11 minutes | United States | 2021

Everyone has that one celebrity people say they look like, but wht if you woke up and WERE that celebrity,

The Immeasurable

24 minutes | Taiwan | 2021

Xiang meets Vic on the basketball court and they quickly fall in love, but it isn’t long before differences show between the two. Vic objects to Xiang attending protests with his friends, and Xiang thinks Vic doesn’t understand him.

Jimmy in Saigon

89 minutes | United States | 2022

Long a hushed family secret, Peter Macdowell investigates his brother's life in Saigon as an adult to uncover the circumstances that led to his brother's death and why his brother lived in the country long after finishing his military deployment.

Keep the Cameras Rolling: the Pedro Zamora Way

98 minutes | United States | 2021

Star of MTV's Real World: San Francisco, Pedro was one of the first gays that made his way into straight homes, and he brought with him the bravery of refusing to give in to the disease he knew would kill him.

Lemon Squeezy

81 minutes | Canada | 2022

When his crush rejects his invitation to prom, a gay teen findes comfort in the holy bible. Unfortunately he also finds that he has the power to bring on the ten plagues of Egypt.

Letters to Axél

24 minutes | United States | 2021

When Julian, a decorated young writer, falls in love with a man he's only ever met in his dreams, he begins to lose touch with himself, and reality, forcing him to find a way to wake up from his dream life.

Lipstick of the Brave

6 minutes | United States | 2022

An animated journey of Madstone Rowan, composer and performer, as they find inspiration in the rock and pop music which inspired them to move beyond the gender binary and embrace their non-binary self, animated by Bill Plympton's and set to the music written and sung by Madstone Rowan.


90 minutes | France | 2019

Just when Lola -- 18 years old and transgender -- learns that she can finally have surgery, her mother -- her only financial support -- passes away. Abiding her mother’s last wishes, Lola and her father roadtrip to the Belgian coast, fighting the whole way.


95 minutes | Australia | 2022

Casey arrives in Sydney from the Outback, cowboy and aw-shucks disposition brandished proudly. As he navigates the big smoke of the big city, he graduates from gas station bathroom anonymous hook-ups to app match-fuck-making.


13 minutes | United States | 2022

When Brad orders takeout after his Grindr hookup, a food delivery robot drops off a baby instead.

Make Me a King

16 minutes | United Kingdom | 2021

Much to the confusion of their family, Ari performs as a Jewish Drag King, idolising real-life hero, Pepi Littman, who carved out a space for Drag Kings over 100 years ago.

Mama Bears

91 minutes | United States | 2022

Mama Bears is an intimate exploration of two “mama bears”—conservative, Christian mothers who have become fierce advocates for LGBTQ+ people — including the story of Kai Shappley, the Texas girl who ended up in school in Austin so she could use the girls' toilet.


89 minutes | United States | 1987

Oh, the 80’s! Jonathan Switcher (McCarthy) works as an assistant window dresser. When a beautiful mannequin he has dressed, Emmy, (Kim Cattrall) comes to life and reveals that she is an ancient Egyptian, under a curse, and only he can save her, well of course, wackiness ensues.


116 minutes | Taiwan, Austria, France, Belgium | 2021

Fei works illegally as a hustler in order to support his family, but when he realizes his family is willing to accept his money but not his way of life, he return to the big city where he can live his best life with his chosen family of hustlers and hostess girls.

My Abortion Saved My Life

9 minutes | United States | 2022

In the first short of Trans Bodies, Trans Choices, Cazembe's story demonstrates the life-saving urgency of abortion access.

Nana's Boys

78 minutes | United States | 2022

On the morning of his 30th Birthday, Amari struggles to make decisions defining his purpose in relation to his boyfriend Q. The day takes a rattling turn when an explosion cuts off utilities across New York City and forces the city into a mandatory lockdown.

Nelly and Nadine

92 minutes | Norway, Sweden | 2022

Nelly & Nadine is the unlikely love story between two women falling in love on Christmas Eve, 1944, in the Ravensbrück concentration camp.


22 minutes | Ireland | 2022

A single mother longing for connection must choose between her autistic son and the sexy girl next door.

Out in the Ring

105 minutes | Canada | 2022

Featuring interviews from past legends, veteran journeymen, rising independent stars and ringside experts, Out in the Ring is the first documentary to chokeslam the hidden history of queer representation in wrestling.

The Phantom of the Sauna

92 minutes | Spain | 2021

When Javi decides to work at the local bathhouse, he's not anticipating finding love and murder in its steamy, tiled walls.


13 minutes | United States | 2021

Alone on the Texas Prairie for a romantic getaway, a couple’s bickering awakens something lurking beneath the grass.

Pray the Gay Away

11 minutes | United States | 2022

Danny, a queer, Korean high schooler, becomes invisible after an intense prayer group literally prays the gay 'away.'

Pure Unadulterated Masculinity

2 minutes | United States | 2022

Men are under the impression that the idea of masculinity is under attack. This film attacks the most masculine institution that they hold near and dear to them: American Football. Behold peak masculinity.

Rooted Out

27 minutes | United States | 2022

Denied a marriage license in their hometown, two men look on as the city council attempt to erase the homophobic incident from public record. Over the course of a year, the couple's supporters fight for justice and an accurate narrative of events.

A Run for More

82 minutes | United States | 2022

Growing up, Frankie Gonzales-Wolfe learned to be a fighter, but never imagined having a chance to make history as the first openly elected transgender official in Texas.

Saturday Night at the Baths

86 minutes | United States | 1975

In the 1970’s, the best place, the only place to be, was at The Continental Baths in NYC. Straight proclaiming and Montana-escapee Michael (Robert Aberdeen) gets a job as the piano player for The Continental, and Scotti (Don Scotti) the manager, takes Michael and his girlfriend Tracy (Ellen Sheppard) under his wing.

The Schoolmaster Games

82 minutes | Sweden | 2022

At the all-male St Sebastian Academy, homosexuality is the norm. In a universe inspired by high school movies and 90s boy bands, pulsating with burning desires, power structures are demolished and rebuilt again.

Sex(ual) Healing

22 minutes | United States | 2021

By amplifying the voices of sex workers, healers, educators, and therapists, Sex(ual) Healing exposes the audience to the therapeutic powers of sex and the creative ways that we can connect to others without shame.

Shall I Compare You to a Summer's Day?

64 minutes | Egypt | 2022

A lyrical, emotional exploration of the relationships of queer men using myth, documentary, personal reflection, and Shakespeare, this film celebrates radical queer love and non-traditional relationships.

Son of Man

106 minutes | Iran, Islamic Republic of | 2021

In this one-of-a-kind film, shot in secret in Iran, a father and husband finds his fragile world endangered when a man from his past appears claiming to be his daughter's true father.

Stickup, winter, orgy

5 minutes | United States | 2022

An Ignorant Cowboy keeps searches for in the Urban Wilderness.

The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night

11 minutes | United States | 2021

All cards are on the table when a queer Pakistani Muslim woman brings her Puerto Rican partner home for the first time on the family's annual game night.

Three Headed Beast

83 minutes | United States | 2022

A film about sex, love and things left unsaid, this experimental narrative told largely through intimacy, body language and music unfolds over a sweltering Texas Summer, the kind night for only two things, cold beer and fucking.

Virtual Love

7 minutes | United States | 2022

A camgirl couple does anything to takie their channel to the top, until they find they are leaving their relationship behind.

Write Here

15 minutes | Philippines | 2022

An aging gay man in mid-stage alzheimer's struggles to hold onto his identity and onto the memory of his one true love.

Yes, Goddess

12 minutes | United States | 2022

A group of queer femmes gather at the first kink party since 2019. They've mixed the sex, but also the conversations that seem so much easier in a playspace.

You Can Live Forever

96 minutes | United States | 2022

When her father dies and her mother suffers a breakdown, closeted lesbian teen Jaime is sent to live with her aunt and uncle, both members of the town’s tight-knit, devoutly faithful Jehovah’s Witness community.