September Events...

  • !f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival
  • Calgary International Film Festival
  • DiversidArte: Festival de Curtas
  • Edmonton International Film Festival
  • Encounters
  • Fabulous Independent Film Festival
  • Fantastic Fest
  • Fragments Festival
  • Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival
  • Gaze LGBT Film Festival
  • Great Lakes International Film Festival
  • Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival
  • Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
  • InShort Film Festival
  • Kaunas International Film Festival
  • Lust*streifen Film Festival Basel
  • Nashville Film Festival
  • Netherlands Film Festival
  • New York Film Festival
  • Niagara Falls International Film Festival
  • Nordisk Panorama - 5 Cities Film Festival
  • Oslo/Fusion Filmfest
  • OUT at the Movies
  • Out on Film
  • Painting the Spectrum LGBTQ+ Film Festival
  • Premio Sebastiane
  • Queergestreift Filmfestival
  • QueerX
  • Reeling Filmfest
  • Reykjavik International Film Festival
  • Sardinia Queer Short Film Festival
  • Tallgrass Film Festival
  • Vancouver International Film Festival
  • Zurich Film Festival
Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival

Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival

Friday, 30 September 2022 until Sunday, 02 October 2022

From humble beginnings in a Fresno State classroom, Fresno Reel Pride has evolved into the sixth oldest, and one of the largest, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) film festivals in the United States.

Fresno Reel Pride is a celebration of LGBTQ cinema and is a premier cultural event in Central California attracting thousands of attendees, filmmakers and stars to its five day festival of international feature films, documentaries, and shorts.


2022 films...

Love is a Map

Annie and Mary were once in love in college - does their love stand a second chance after deciding to spend the weekend together?

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Cecilia is invited to Emma's bachelorette weekend where she gets stuck with her former bully with a taste for revenge.

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Discoveries: Youth Shorts

A collection of shorts picked for youth on the journey to be their true authentic selves.

Pray the Gay Away Dir: Chang-Min Jonathan Hyon | US | 11 min

In English and Korean with English subtitles

Danny, a queer, Korean high schooler, becomes invisible after an intense prayer group literally prays the gay away. Will he ever be seen again?

Tell Tyler

Dir: Frankie Joe Gommon | UK | 12 min

In order to complete his coming out journey, Adam must tell his childhood best friend, Tyler, that he is gay. Slight problem: Adam is in love with Tyler, and Tyler has a girlfriend.

Picture Perfect

Dir: Mara Leroux | US | 8 min

When Amari's parents learn of her transgender boyfriend's identity while taking photos before homecoming, her parents disapprove of their relationship.

Rose Skirt

Dir: Angel I-Han Teng | Taiwan | 19 min

In Chinese with English subtitles

Inspired by a true event of teenage boys wearing skirts to school, Rose Skirt is a queer coming-of-age short that depicts the ambiguity of growing gender consciousness in teens. The story focuses on a teenage boy, Yen, who confronts his desire for feminine expressions while struggling with the sense of guilt and shame. Eventually, he realizes his internalized homophobia is the reflection of his fascination for femininity. This film is dedicated to Rose Boy Yeh Yung-chih.

Black Box

Dir: Alana Mango | US | 4 min

An astronaut encounters an unexpected emergency while on a routine mission, and finds himself jettisoned into space. Isolated, afraid, and losing oxygen, an emotional revelation may provide the will he needs to survive. Black Box is a story of victory over fear, survival against all odds, and the courage of love.

Spirit Day

Dir: Annie Knight, Greg Shea | US | 9 min

'Spirit Day' follows Frankie, a lonely middle-schooler, as they pick a costume for their school's upcoming spirit day with the help of their imaginary friend, Mac. However, choosing an outfit proves more complicated than expected, prompting questions of presentation and identity.

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Fun in Men's Shorts

A dynamic program of five short films from the United States and Australia.

Hotter Up Close

Dir: Leland Montgomery | US | 14 min

On the eve of his 30th birthday, a gay slacker must overcome his crippling insecurities in order to find love.


Dir: Rory Derang | US | 18 min

Brett, a deaf man, decides whether to continue his relationship with his closeted lover.


Dir: Alison Barton, Bonnie Dennison | US | 11 min

One day after purchasing their first real adult pull-out couch, homebody couple Levi and Dillon's relationship is tested when an unexpected (and pungent) visitor arrives to stay the night.

The Crush

Dir: Kevin Anthony | US | 15

Matt has had a crush on Davin since the eleventh grade - and then his crush vanished. Three years later the mysterious Davin pops back into his life and Matt begins to fall for him all over again.


Dir: Andrew Derham Blogg | Australia | 20 min

An offensive term used to vilify gay men. When a harmless encounter leads to a tense confrontation, a trailblazer for the LGBTIAQ+ community tries to intervene. Homophobia, internalized homophobia, anxiety & fear play out in post gay marriage Australia.

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Queering Yoga

Stories of personal transformation and healing in the Queer, Trans, and QTPOC communities through the lens of decolonizing yoga.

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Fun in Women's Shorts

A showing of four short films from all around the world.


Dir: Kryzz Gautier | 2022 | US | 19 min

In a future world where memories are handled like computer files, two lovers decide to undergo a procedure and have their entire relationship wiped from their brains.

Keep Punching

Dir: Kirnay Bhatt | 2020 | India | 25 min

In Hindi with English subtitles

Inspired by true events, the story of a small town closeted lesbian boxer, Kirnay, who after winning her state level tournament; inches closer to her dream of representing the country. Indifferent to her ambitions, Krinay’s mother has already fixed her marriage. Torn between her family, love and ambition, Kirnay must fight the battle for her freedom outside the ring, before conquering her dreams inside it.

White Wedding

Dir: Lloyd Eyre-Morgan | 2022 | UK | 16 min

A bride is thrust into alternate dimensions on her wedding day.


Dir: Erika Nakayama | 2022 | Japan | 18 min

In Japanese with English subtitles

A lesbian couple are planning a wedding-style photoshoot to celebrate their five-year anniversary. One photographer’s response causes turmoil. What will the outcome be?

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Dawn, Her Dad & The Tractor

When Dawn's mom dies, she returns to the family farm where she sees her father and sister for the first time since her transition.

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Mama Bears

Christian mothers whose profound love for their LGBTQ+ children has turned them into fierce advocates for the entire community

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An intimate vérité documentary about a survivor of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

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Unidentified Objects

An uptight dwarf and his free-spirited, alien-obsessed neighbor hit the road on a border-defying search for their place in the universe.

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Maybe Someday

Jay attempts to move across the country to start her life over again as she grapples with the inevitable cycles of love and loss.

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Nana's Boys

When an explosion rattles NYC into a lockdown, Amari and Q are forced to confront the fragility of their partnership.

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Transcendent Shorts

Transcendent Shorts is a program of six short films from around the world.


Dir: Kaspersilas Crystallando | Denmark | 4 min

In Danish with English subtitles

Based on a true story. Taking the final steps to become her authentic self, a transgendered woman returns to find love lost. Broken and sad, only her true reflection saves the day.

My Abortion Saved My Life

Dir: Ruby Fludzinski, Tiler Wilson | US | 9 min

Cazembe Murphy Jackson (he/him), a Black trans activist living in Atlanta, Georgia, shares why his access to abortion was vital to his life. After developing severe depression following a sexual assault, and quickly learning he was pregnant, Cazembe's abortion saved him from suicide. Cazembe's story demonstrates the life-saving urgency of abortion access.


Dir: Yané Garcia | US | 32 min

Trans individuals discuss the euphoria and physical pain that comes when chest binding.

How Not To Date While Trans

Dir: Nyala Moon | US | 13 min

A break-the-fourth-wall, dark comedy that follows the dating life of a black trans woman and the problematic men she meets along the way.


Dir: Rebecca Marquardt, Lane Michael Stanley | US | 10 min

A gay cis woman's father is surprisingly happy when she brings her transmasc boyfriend home - but she soon realizes he's only happy because she's in a straight-passing relationship.

Heads Above Water

Dir: Afra Nuarey | Bangladesh | 7 min

In Bengali with English subtitles

This documentary uncovers the hidden truths of the Hijra community struggling to navigate through a Muslim society that has all but rejected them. We follow the intrinsic lives of three trans women who forge different relationships within society.

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Black As U R

Filmmaker Micheal Rice explores racism and homophobia within Black communities and the unique challenges faced by those who hold both queer and Black identities.

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My Emptiness And I

Raphi - young, androgynous and naive - begins her gender transition and journey to find her true identity.

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All Kinds of Love

A story about looking for love in all the wrong places.

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A gender-queer body-transfer fantasy about a little boy who sends his spirit into his babysitter’s body.

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Shouting Down Midnight

Real stories about why the fight for reproductive freedom is more important than ever.

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