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Modern Queer Heroes

Country: United Kingdom, 5 mins

  • Director: Kate Jessop

CGiii Comment

The only problem we have with this film is...the title.

Can we all stop using 'queer' as a generic term for the LGBT community.

'Q' has been added to this ever-increasing and wholly ridiculous alphabet...the queers have their letter - stop branding us with the same offensive moniker.

Also...knowing a few people featured in the film and knowing that they most definitely not identify as queer...Kate Jessop has done them a disservice.

Apart from these's a bizarre and rather brilliant wee film!


Modern Queer Heroes from Animation Girl Band on Vimeo.


The(ir) Blurb...

Who are the queer heroes walking amongst us now or in recent times? A celebration of LGBTQ+ figures who have helped push forward culture and society a little more for the rest of us. A collaboration during the 2020 quarantine between 14 LGBTQ+ identified animators around the world, the structure is based on the old Surrealist drawing game Exquisite Corpses.