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Sound for the Future

Country: UK, Language: English, 102 mins

  • Director: Matt Hulse
  • Writer: Matt Hulse
  • Producer: Ashley Horner; Aimara Reques

CGiii Comment

A toe-curling vanity project...bamboozling as to how and why this even got funded by both Creative Scotland & England...

Reading the blurb, you would be forgiven in thinking that The Hippies were indeed a force to be reckoned with...they were not. They were three kids [2 brothers and a sister] playing. Matt Hulse, definitely suffering from [imagined] middle kid syndrome, has made them out to be so much more than they were. Even his older brother refused to take part in the film, everyone else should have followed suit.

A few things that will surely enrage most...the desecration of Malcolm McLaren's grave [shameful and criminal] and the pointless, money-squandering trip to get his old toy Snoopy a bespoke tailored suit! And a bizarre, inappropriate and incongruous conversation about homosexuality!

It really is too easy to rip this 'film' apart...the parents of the kids who took part must be pretty disgruntled at the result...this is what happens when a self-entitled narcissist is given public funds.


The(ir) Blurb...

THE HIPPIES were a bizarre English punk band formed in 1979 by the Hulse children, Toby (12), Matt (11) and Polly (8). Their cassette album 'A Sound for the Future' featured songs about disease, assassination and The Antarctic, echoing the naïve charm of THE SHAGGS and DANIEL JOHNSON. The band performed ticketed live shows for their mother/managers' kindly and chaotic group of friends, part of the ramshackle 'Cambridge squat scene': the homeless, drunks, animal rights activists, junkies, cross-dressers and a pair of gay Franciscan Friars. Using archive, music of the period and poetic re-imagining's of key episodes from the past, director Matt Hulse, the band's drummer, promises an energetic, jarring, comical musical ride through a part-remembered, kaleidoscopically fractured family history.

Cast & Characters

Matt Hulse