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Charli XCX: Alone Together

Country: USA, Language: English, 67 mins

  • Director: Bradley Bell; Pablo Jones-Soler
  • Producer: Brian Ferenchik, Ross Levine, Emma Lichtenberg

CGiii Comment

Unlike Lady Gaga, apologies...but, never heard of her! This is - obviously - written by a luddite of contemporary music.

Lady G has her Little Monsters, Charli[e] has her Angels [get it!?!]...both artists are soc-med savvy and both have a massive LGBT fanbase...and, both these ladies understand the power and profit of those Pink pounds, dollars and euros...that really is where the similarities end.

Where Lady G identifies as bisexual, Charli[e] has kept schtum concerning her sexuality...but, it would be fair to say, according to this film, she is quite some way from being a Kinsey 6! 

Basically, this is one of those COVID films, made by and about herself. Mental health during lockdown is fleetingly mentioned...hey, it's always comforting to hear that a multi-millionaire can be just as miserable, cooped up in their luxury mansion...during lockdown!

Bradly & Pablo take credit for the direction, when, in fact, all they really did was compile a load of [mostly] badly-filmed footage...using scissor-and-cellotape methodology. 

All-in-all, this really is a film for Charli[e]'s [millions of] else. As if she needed anyone else...she's raking it in. Well done to her.


The(ir) Blurb...

In a year where the world turned upside down, 2020 also proved to be a time of innovation for artists such as Charli XCX, the beloved pop musician who recorded and released a full album in 40 days.

After casually mentioning that she would write, record, and release a brand-new album during quarantine, Charli sets out to achieve her goal with the help of several producers that include A.G. Cook and BJ Burton; her partner Huck, and her devoted queer fanbase, the Angels. This vivid, intimate documentary follows Charli’s daily routines as she hosts lyric-writing sessions on Instagram Live, designs album artwork in her bedroom, and shoots music videos on a green screen, reinventing the meaning of “bedroom pop”.

Alone Together goes in depth with Charli XCX as she faces mental health issues, rekindles her relationship, and connects with vulnerable LGBTQ+ fans in need.

Cast & Characters

Charli XCX