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That Cold Dead Look in Your Eyes

Country: United States, Language: French, 91 mins

Original Title

Tes Yeux Mourants
  • Director: Onur Tukel
  • Writer: Onur Tukel
  • Producer: Alan Ceppos, Jacob Karim

CGiii Comment

Imagine a New York where everyone speaks's a big ask. And, this film asks for more than it gives.

Part horror, part social commentary...wholly random in it's execution. Conspiracy theorists will probably love it...what with all those Wifi waves bouncing around in our brains. Those, who are more grounded, will view this as a descent into madness...following an adulterous mistake. Or, as a mid-life crisis [that caused that adulterous mistake]...whatever, it rapidly becomes a tumbling house of cards.

Expect neither rhyme nor reason because they were taken away not just by the fairies. Under Onur Tukel's muddled direction, the flaky narrative lurches back and forth from the mundane to the ridiculous. It's madness!

What this film needed was a more fluid timeline and a stronger central performance...Franck Raharinosy's Leonard is more meek and mild than mad and manic...downplayed to the point of apathy. If you don't care for the character, there's not much point.

What this film didn't need was the lavatorial [lost in translation] humour and that embarrassingly flaccid, PG-rated gay orgy...a few bum cheeks and some terrible dancing.

The whole film is a conflict between the mundane and the madness...sadly, the madness is extinguished by the mundane...even with all those Wifi waves bouncing all over the place!


The(ir) Blurb...

Leonard, about to lose his girlfriend, home and job, is now having strange hallucinations. Is it stress or an after effect of new technology installed all over the city? He must figure it out or he'll be trapped in this nightmare forever.

Cast & Characters

Nora Arnezeder
Barbara Beddouk (as Lucy)
Max Casella (as Andy)
Alan Ceppos (as Dennis)
Eva Dorrepaal
Eric Fleising (as Conrad)
Candice Jean-Jacques
Robert Walker Jeffery (as William)
Denisa Juhos (as Irene)
Ian Letoullec (as Louis)
Thomas Miller (as Bernard)
Manu Pasqualini (as Disgruntled Restaurant Customer)
Chloé Perrier (as Gillian)
Neige Pointet (as Neige - angry client)
Franck Raharinosy (as Leonard)
Henry Trueheart (as Donovan)