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Country: Ireland, United Kingdom, Language: English, 12 mins

  • Director: Caleb J. Roberts
  • Writer: Caleb J. Roberts
  • Producer: Jon Beer, Brian J. Falconer, Callum Harrison

CGiii Comment

The swathe of emotion...brilliant.

An absolutely faultless short film...the score, the performances, the humility...absolute talent.

Caleb J. Roberts had to watch.

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The(ir) Blurb...

Dermot and Conor Brady have a troubled relationship.

Having left home without warning, Conor (Peter Young) returns home to his NI seaside town after dropping out of university across the water. Struggling to navigate the situation with his gay son, Dermot (James Doran) takes him for a night out at the amusements. Conor assumes his father's frustrated inability to communicate lies with his sexuality, meanwhile Dermot struggles to articulate how he feels he has failed as a father.

Cast & Characters

James Doran (as Dermot Brady)
Peter Young (as Conor Brady)