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Parched Return

Country: Brazil, Language: Portuguese, 22 mins

Original Title

Volta Seca
  • Director: Roberto Veiga
  • Producer: Vitor Cunha

CGiii Comment

What a story!

More of a mini feature than a short film...the backstory is merely hinted at...yet, tell the whole story.

This is masterful storytelling.


Volta Seca / Parched Return [teaser] from Nascente Filmes on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

30 years after leaving, Marieta returns to the village she was born in, Volta Seca. Traversing through familiar landscapes, she dives headfirst into retrieving memories of her youth, seeking the true spirit of this journey.

Cast & Characters

Tânia Granussi (as Marieta)
Vinícius de Oliveira (as Inácio)