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Frisky Business

Country: United Kingdom, Language: English, 93 mins

  • Director: Craig Alexander, Tom Bakker, Mark Marchillo, Ignacio Juricic Merillán, Pedro Rilhó, Yu-Tong Weng, Zoe Weng Yu-Tong
  • Writer: Craig Alexander, Tom Bakker, Ignacio Juricic Merillán, Gabriel Oliva, Pedro Rilhó, Yu-Tong Weng
  • Producer: Albert Berry

CGiii Comment

A defiant shorts exploring passion, persecution, and revolt from past, present, and future eras, ranging from tales of an anxious young drag queen in mid-'90s Chile to a lively American summer camp that flips the script on gay panic.


Cast & Characters

Andrew Bargsted
Thor Braun
Lars Brinkman
Kimberly Carson
Chih-Han Chang
Catalina Vásquez Cristi
Lee-fong Huang
John Leslie
Cara Lott
Olivia Nakintu
Gabriel Oliva
Maria Pallas
Oliver Wellington
Randy West
Honey Wilder