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Country: Italy, Language: Italian, 16 mins

  • Director: Simone Bozzelli
  • Writer: Simone Bozzelli; Tommaso Favagrossa
  • Producer: Camilla Gazzola; Isabella Gomato

CGiii Comment

Toxic masculinity, racism and homophobia. It's not pleasant...but, it is an extraordinary film!

If you are going to do subtext...this is how you do subtext!


J'ador (2020) | Teaser from Simone Bozzelli on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Rome. Claudio is 15 years-old. Someone is writing “J’ador” on his forehead because he smells like a little girl. It’s Lauro, eighteen-year-old, leader of a group made of guys claiming to be fascists and doing a lot of things for a far-right party. Claudio wants to go with them to the “dinner”, but only those who belong to the group can join it, and not the little girls like him. If he truly wants to achieve his goal, one afternoon Claudio must lose its boy scent and learn how to smell like a man.

Cast & Characters

Lorenzo Amici as Ragazzo con Cane
Andrei Cuciuc as Ragazzo Rapato
Asadul M. Haque as Proprietario Mini Market
Federico Majorana as Lauro
Filippo Marsili as Ragazzo Ingessato
Mauro Pacitto as Ragazzo Tatuato
Claudio Segaluscio as Claudio