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Country: Sweden, Language: Romany, Swedish, 15 mins

Original Title

Tjena tjavo
  • Director: Alecio Araci
  • Writer: Bitte Andersson, Alecio Araci, Alicia Hansen, China Åhlander
  • Producer: Bitte Andersson, Alicia Hansen, Isabella Rodriguez

CGiii Comment

Grim and utterly heart-breaking.

This really does have the potential to become a feature...some much left unsaid, some much more to say!

No trailer...

The(ir) Blurb...

Tommy's grill is a meeting place for the Romani community. Here a motley crew of people gather to eat and talk. When a young man visits the restaurant one evening, rumors begin to spread and Tommy is forced to revisit traumatic memories.

Cast & Characters

Michell Tatter Alfredsson
Ardijan Bunjoshi
Paul Dandos
Ado Mehic Dzafic
Rosmari Kaldaras
Philip Torres Örning