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Country: Australia, Language: English, 14 mins

  • Director: Jim Muntisov
  • Writer: Jim Muntisov
  • Producer: Imogen Archer, Meg Doyle, Tom Lam, Jim Muntisov

CGiii Comment

Gentle...and, a little melancholic. But...quite lovely.

Has this happened to you? You meet someone on the last day of your holiday, that someone being The One!

Comfort and conversation flow with ease...nothing lasts forever. Aaaw.

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The(ir) Blurb...

Questioning their gender identity, a young person shares a transformative night out with a stranger in this radical experiment with form and perspective.

Drawing stylistic inspiration from the French New Wave, emerging talent Jim Muntisov’s short follows twentysomething Morgan, whose chance encounter with a queer hipster transforms their feeling of isolation. A shapeshifting, touchingly personal experiment with form that matches its subject’s exploration of identity.

Cast & Characters

Joseph Limn (as Morgan)
James Mitchelhill (as Casey)