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Nurtull Gang (The)

Country: Sweden, 76 mins

Original Title

  • Director: Per Lindberg
  • Writer: Hjalmar Bergman; Elin Wägner
  • Producer: Stellan Claësson; Karin Swanström

CGiii Comment

“Norrtsullsligan”, a linguistically peculiar word meaning ‘female bachelors’ is a term that was used during the early part of the 20th century in Sweden to describe financially independent women who made their own way through life. With a socially critical tone, director Per Lindberg told the story of group of women who share living quarters and work together. After going on strike they are fired from their jobs for their rebel-rousing influence.

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Cast & Characters

Tora Teje as Pegg
Inga Tidblad as Baby
Renée Björling as Eva
Linnéa Hillberg as Emmy
Egil Eide as Pegg's Boss
Tollie Zellman as Görel
Olav Riégo as Görel's Fiancé
Stina Berg as Görel's Mother
Lili Ziedner as Strike Agitator
Lauritz Falk as Putte, Pegg's Little Brother
Nils Asther as Baby's Fiancé
Gabriel Alw as Eva's Fiancé
Torsten Bergström as Pegg's First Love
Torsten Hillberg
John Ekman as Baby's Boss