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Nanay's Lullaby

Country: United States, Language: English, Tagalog, 13 mins

  • Director: Drew Stephens
  • Writer: Drew Stephens, Mano Chui Stephens
  • Producer: Bill Ferguson, Jose Lopez, Alexey Samsonov, Mano Chui Stephens, Geoff Van Den Brande

CGiii Comment

Think melodramatic, daytime soap...and that's exactly what you get.


The(ir) Blurb...

The morals of a Filipino-American family are turned upside down when the mother is diagnosed with mysterious illness.

Cast & Characters

Kelvin Garvanne (as Hospital Visitor)
Ralf Lichtenberg (as Orderly)
Marissa L. Ampon (as Nurse Barb)
Aureen Almario (as Maricel)
Tom Cunningham (as Hospital Visitor)
Danya Ashley Marie Driskell (as Hospital Visitor)
Laura Driskell (as Hospital Visitor)
Mikee Loria (as Arnel)
Shaein Agcaoili (as Nurse Assistant)
Andrea Almario (as Young Criselda)
Mano Chui Stephens (as Hospital Visitor)
Avery Arana (as Young Arnel)
Rosita Almario (as Criselda)
Kiana Ayalin (as Hospital Visitor)