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Country: El Salvador, Language: Spanish, 35 mins

Original Title

  • Director: Marlén Viñayo
  • Writer: Marlén Viñayo; Carlos Martínez

CGiii Comment

The humanity of the inhumane...even hyenas show tenderness!

An evangelical prison where inmates are brainwashed and blackmailed to become devout. The homosexuals are set in isolation...they will either have to convert and repent or be killed, two very bleak outcomes...but, at least, they have a choice, unlike their many victims.

The lack of education, religious fanatics and a failed political system combined...produce not anarchy...but, tyranny. And...when the evangelicals take over...Armageddon!

An astonishing glimpse into a completely failed system.


The(ir) Blurb...

A ruthless hitman for the 18th Street gang deals with his sexuality inside an evangelical Salvadoran prison, where he is not just guilty of crimes, but of an unforgivable sin under God and gang: being gay.