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Remembering His Touch

Country: United Kingdom, Language: English, 66 mins

  • Director: Mario Galarreta, Chia Meng Koo, Courtney Powell, Marco Sandeman, Gabriel Shanks
  • Writer: Mario Galarreta, Chia Meng Koo, Tate Nova, Marco Sandeman, Gabriel Shanks

CGiii Comment

Discover 5 stories that question the fate of lost love and the longing for answers. When you fight to hold on to the past, is it ever truly worth it?

The Surf Report
15min | LGBTQ, Drama, Fantasy | 2016
"A ghostly love story unfolds as two men look for answers where ocean meets sky and city meets wild in Rockaway Beach, NY."
Writer: Tate Nova
Director: Courtney Powell
Stars: Alice Carey, Frankie LaPace, Matthew Maher

10min | LGBTQ, Drama | 2014
"Julie visits her father Nicolas after her parents’ divorce, to meet Nicolas’ much younger boyfriend, Christian. Christian tries to use her visit to resolve a fight with Nicolas in his favour."
Writer/Director: Marco Sandeman
Stars: Peder Holm Johansen, Rosalinde Mynster, Mads Reuther

The Least Untrue
16min | LGBTQ, Drama | 2022
"Two men discover they’ve been betrayed by the person they love the most…one by his partner, the other by his boyfriend. But an accidental meeting offers up unexpected options for the future."
Writer/Director: Gabriel Shanks
Stars: Nathaniel P. Claridad, Nicholas Michaels

10min | LGBTQ, Drama, Romance | 2015
"Afflicted with senile dementia, Wayne is drawn into the deep recesses of his youth in search for a forbidden love."
Writer/Director: Mario Galarreta
Stars: Jeremy Kahn, Stu Klitsner, Ross Neuenfeldt

After Noon
16min | LGBTQ, Drama | 2020. In Mandarin with English closed captions.
"Two teenage boys idle away a seemingly ordinary afternoon, but as events stir up hidden feelings, confusion leads to the testing of boundaries."
Writer/Director: Koo Chia Meng
Stars: Nathanael Khoo, Chee Pin Chia, Kacie Tan


Cast & Characters

Alice Carey (as Vivian (segment "The Surf Report"))
Chee Pin Chia (as (segment "After Noon"))
Nathaniel P. Claridad (as Ethan (segment "The Least Untrue"))
Peder Holm Johansen (as Nicolas (segment " Delta"))
Jeremy Kahn (as Ron (segment "Wayne"))
Nathanael Khoo (as (segment "After Noon"))
Stu Klitsner (as Wayne (segment "Wayne"))
Frankie LaPace (as Freddie (segment "The Surf Report"))
Matthew Maher (as Bartender (segment "The Surf Report"))
Nicholas Michaels (as Caleb (segment "The Least Untrue"))
Rosalinde Mynster (as Julie (segment "Delta"))
Ross Neuenfeldt (as Young Wayne (segment "Wayne"))
Ronald Peet (as K (segment "The Surf Report"))
Mads Reuther (as Christian (segment "Delta"))
Martha Milton Stookey (as Louise (segment "Wayne"))
Kacie Tan (as (segment "After Noon"))