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Christmas is Canceled

Country: United States, Language: English, 95 mins

Original Title

The Fight Before Christmas
  • Director: Prarthana Mohan
  • Writer: Sara Endsley
  • Producer: Peter Bevan, Neil Elman, Larry Grimaldi, John Lerchen, David Brown Massey, Michael Meilander, Hannah Pillemer, Iman Sharabash, Sarah Sharp, Nicolas T. Silva, Tim Stearns, Fernando Szew

CGiii Comment

Aaargh! Lechery and treachery...two ingredients for the worst Christmas ever!

There's a token philosophical lesbian...that's all you really need to know!

It really is that bad!


The(ir) Blurb...

Emma's father and her high school frenemy start dating so she embarks on a mission to break up the happy couple.

Cast & Characters

Claire Alpern (as Make-Up Lady #1)
Angelicque Cate (as Make-Up Lady #2)
Jackson Evans (as Maitre D)
Danny Glenn (as George Portnoy)
Timothy Hull (as Tom Hackett)
Isabella Malacsina (as Young Emma Lockhart)
Lisa McConnell (as Beatrice)
Emilie Modaff (as Charlyne)
Dermot Mulroney (as Jack Lockhart)
Michael Naizu (as Josh Jamison)
Hayley Orrantia (as Emma Lockhart)
Jeff Parker (as Elliot Murphy)
Janel Parrish (as Brandy Barnes)
Vincent Ranola (as Young Josh Jamison)
David James Slama (as Mayor Burnbright)
Mirelly Taylor (as Mom)
Camille Valencia (as Young Brandy Barnes)
Hans Dieter Wolff (as Commuter (uncredited))