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Her Way

Country: France, Language: French, 97 mins

Original Title

Une femme du monde
  • Director: Cécile Ducrocq
  • Writer: Stéphane Demoustier, Cécile Ducrocq
  • Producer: Stephanie Bermann, Alexis Dulguerian

CGiii Comment

Some mothers do have 'em...and, this mother has one you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy.

Laure Calamy - without any quibble whatsoever - steals the show. What a performance. What a mother! What a mistake she made...and, we're not talking about her awful son!

Shamelessly, she's a sex worker. Selflessly, she does what she can for her ungrateful son...this is selflessness that will - quite literally - take your breath away.

This is Cécile Ducrocq's debut feature...and, hopefully, the first of many...she certainly gets under the skin, scratches around and delivers character arcs that are beautiful and intriguing to witness. The snowball scene is something to behold...a turning point in the maturity and mentality of the situation and characters. An absolute emotional spectacle. The intrigue...merely hinted at! So clever.

As for the ending, it needs to be commented upon...there was a definitive and perfect place to end. But...this director had a frame in mind...and, what a fantastic frame it turned out to be...a wee trans storyline, thought forgotten...but, beautifully remembered.

Her Way turned out to be the right way...what an utterly fantastic feature debut...and, Laure Calamy's performance is the cherry on top.


The(ir) Blurb...

Marie, an independent and militant woman, has never needed anyone's help, including when it comes to raise her son. When the latter is expelled from his certificate of professional competence training class, Marie cannot accept it. Dreaming of a brighter future for him, she decides to enroll him in one of the best cooking schools in France. But her income does not allow her to pay the school fees. She has to find a solution, at any cost.

Cast & Characters

Laure Calamy (as Marie Kriegel)
Nissim Renard (as Adrien Kriegel)
Béatrice Facquer (as Camille)
Romain Brau (as L'avocat)
Maxence Tual (as Martin)
Sam Louwyck (as Bruno)
Diana Korudzhiyska (as Tatiana)
Amlan Larcher (as Awa)
Valentina Papic (as Encarna)
Melissa Guers (as Sofia)
Leonarda Guinzburg (as Greta)
Kim Humbrecht (as Joy)
Sarah Ouazana (as Kate)
Mahir Fekih-Slimane (as Ronan)
Corneliu Dragomirescu (as Gustav)
Ionut Mitrofan (as Le Moldave)
Marie Schoenbock (as Secrétaire Perrandier)
Clara-Cécile Mulot (as La conseillère d'orientation (as Clara Mulot))
Romain Gillot (as M. Wino)
Damien Zobir (as Nathan)
Enzo Foïs (as Michel)
Yolande Besombes (as Mme Beyer)
Daniel Goscheschek (as M. Beyer)
Philippe Koa (as Le client fellation)
Eve Antolini (as La serveuse crêperie)