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Soul of Youth (The)

Country: USA, Language: English, 80 mins

  • Director: William Desmond Taylor
  • Writer: Julia Crawford Ivers
  • Producer: William Desmond Taylor

CGiii Comment

The story of an orphan boy who, due to the cruelty of others, is drawn into a life of sin on the streets prior to the redemption of a caring foster family.


Cast & Characters

Lewis Sargent as Ed Simpson;
Ernest Butterworth as Mike;
Clyde Fillmore as Mr. Hamilton;
Grace Morse as Mrs. Hamilton;
Lila Lee as Vera Hamilton;
Elizabeth Janes as Ruth Hamilton;
William Collier Jr. as Dick Armstrong;
Claude Payton as Pete Morano;
Betty Schade as Maggie;
Fred Huntley as Mr. Hodge;
Sylvia Ashton as Mrs. Hodge;
Russ Powell as Patrolman Jones;
Judge Ben Lindsey as Himself;
Mrs. Ben Lindsey as Herself;
Jane Keckley as Matron;
Ernest Butterworth Jr. as Mike;
Ben Lindsey as Himself