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This is you

Country: United Kingdom, Language: English, 17 mins

  • Director: Marco De Luca
  • Writer: Sydonie Calvert, Marco De Luca
  • Producer: Marco De Luca, Gareth Hamer-Hodges, Margaret Matheson, Florian Thess

CGiii Comment

There are a few narrative flaws...but, this is special. Obviously, worthy of a feature.

The performances are immaculate....they draw you in.

Th soundtrack...inspired.

This is just talent...we really need to see more!

No trailer...

The(ir) Blurb...

As the nation waits with bated breath for the UK government's response to Covid-19, two boys in a harsh South London council estate begin to realize their feelings for each other. Troubled boxer Shane is alone in this world, no parents and an emotionally distant brother. His childhood friend Jimmy encourages him to try and live a little before they're locked down. Jimmy sees that his friend is at risk of falling into the gang culture that engulfs their everyday life. In an attempt to cheer him up, they spend the night in an empty home. They finally loosen up and forget about the world, eventually becoming intimate. As it is announced the country will lock down, Jimmy invites Shane to an "end of the world" party. But tensions at the party are high and as it turns out no one is innocent.

Cast & Characters

Michael Gukas (as Shane)
Harry Pritchard (as Jimmy)
Aron von Andrian (as Andrei)