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Other Side of Summer (The)

Country: Spain, Language: Spanish, 100 mins

Original Title

Del Lado del Verano
  • Director: Antonia San Juan
  • Writer: Antonia San Juan
  • Producer: Antonia San Juan; Luis Miguel Seguí

CGiii Comment

This is getting tiresome - yes, it is another inferior Almodovar clone.

The dialogue is fast, furious and cacophonous - nothing is shown, everything is told.

Some actors should not direct - here is the irrefutable proof.


Largometraje 'Del lado del verano' (trailer) from Jorge Álvaro on Vimeo.

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The(ir) Blurb...

Family strife in Gran Canaria. A vituperative mother is at daggers with her sisters and her gay son. Her daughter visits from the mainland and tries to sort out this mess.

Cast & Characters

Macarena Gomez as Tana;
Antonia San Juan;
Mariam Hernandez;
Luis Miguel Segui;
Blanca Rodriguez;
Eduardo Casanova;
Secun de la Rosa;
Sara Guerra;
Milagros Gonzalez Gutiirrez;
Ruben Tejerina